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Hair Therapy: Essential Oils for Hair Care

Our customers spend a lot of time looking at essential oils for hair care. Whether they’re trying to add shine, refresh their scalp, or reduce breakage and encourage growth, there’s no shortage of questions regarding this topic!  So, if you are looking for essential oils and natural products to help you get those luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of – look no further! Our Hair Therapy product line has been formulated with those dreams in mind. These three products will have your hair looking amazing in no time – say hello to strong, healthy, beautiful hair!

Hair Therapy ProductsHair Therapy Strengthen & Grow Serum

Strengthen strands from root to tip using the naturally nourishing botanical ingredients in Hair Therapy Strengthen & Grow Serum. Add shine, lock in moisture, and revive your hair’s natural luster with Argan Oil, Castor Oil, and a unique blend of essential oils for hair care found in our Hair Therapy Repair & Grow Essential Oil Blend.  

Hair Therapy Strengthen Grow SerumHow to Use: This multi-purpose hair serum can be used as a pre-wash treatment or applied to the ends of your hair to help tame flyaways while locking in shine and moisture. As a pre-wash treatment, you’ll want to apply directly to your hairline and gently massage the scalp. For best results, we recommend leaving it on your hair for at least 30 minutes (up to overnight if desired) and then washing it out with shampoo. As a leave-in treatment, you will want to add a few drops of the serum to your fingertips and apply evenly through clean strands, focusing on the ends.

Hair Therapy Repair & Grow Essential Oil Blend

We’ve expertly blended all the best essential oils for hair care to make it easy for our customers to achieve their hair dreams. Hair Therapy Repair & Grown Essential Oil Blend is packed with pure essential oils known for their ability to promote hair and scalp health. These essential oils beautify hair by helping to promote cleanliness, growth, and hydration. This blend will be your go-to to help you achieve the smooth, glossy, and luxurious locks you’ve always wanted.  

Hair Therapy Essential OilHow to Use: We recommend using this blend in your shampoo and/or conditioner to incorporate its benefits into your routine. Add 9-18 drops per ounce and mix thoroughly. Make sure to wash and rinse your hair as usual. Enjoy the natural luster that will shine through! Also, you can add it to your own DIY hair serums, masks, rinses, etc.

Hair Therapy Soothe & Detoxify Scalp Serum

Our Hair Therapy Soothe & Detoxify Scalp Serum is a weekly treatment designed to remove product buildup, balance oils, and stimulate circulation for a refreshed and hydrated scalp. With hyaluronic acid, white kaolin clay, and 12 hair-loving essential oils, this serum delivers powerful benefits! A clean, nourished scalp leads the way for robust and healthy hair. This serum is crucial if you regularly use buildable hair styling products or struggle with flaky dandruff or thinning hair. Healthy hair starts at the roots, so why not make sure to pamper your scalp? 

Hair Therapy Soothe & Detoxify Serum

How to Use: We recommend that you use this serum 1-2 times a week. You will apply it directly to your scalp, focusing on problem areas. Gently massage in with your fingertips or a scalp brush for 1-2 minutes. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash out thoroughly with shampoo. 

Make Everyday a Good Hair Day

Incorporating these three products, which include powerhouse essential oils for hair care, into your beauty routine can promote hair growth, improve scalp health, and add shine and softness to your hair.  You’ll be thanking us later!



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