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essential oils and pregnancy

Essential Oils Practices for Labor

Using essential oils during labor is a very personal decision. There are so many factors that effect what will happen ... Read More
Plant Therapy 100% pure essential oils logo
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

DIY Lotion

There are so many situations in which a lotion is a better choice than a carrier oil to apply your essential ... Read More
Scientist with plants and beakers
Essential Oil 101

Chemical Families in Essential Oils

Organic Chemistry... No, don't run! It's ok! Don't let your eyes glaze over quite yet. I am going to try ... Read More
ylang ylang distillery for essential oil extraction
Essential Oil 101

Essential Oil Extraction 101

Extraction refers to how the essential oil is removed from the plant material and made available for use. There are ... Read More
Homework Helper!
Self Care & Wellness

Homework Helper!

The kids are back in school! Ready for a homework helper? Now we get to spend hours & hours doing ... Read More
dill weed rosemary sweet orange cinnamon leaf essential oils
DIYs, Essential Oil 101

Feature Friday: Rosemary Essential Oil

A lovely herb used often in french cooking, Rosemary's aromatic, warm scent is perfect paired for poultry. Other than its ... Read More
PLant Therapy Essential Oil Aqua

Aromatherapy Bubbles

Have you run out of cool summer fun for your kiddos? I am at my wits' end trying to entertain ... Read More
What is Sensitization?
Essential Oil 101

What is Sensitization?

We throw around this big word a lot: Sensitization. We get asked a lot what this means, so here's a ... Read More
Foaming Hand Soap DIY
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

Foaming Hand Soap DIY

Making your own Foaming hand soap is not only fun, but you can customize the scent based on season, personal ... Read More
Room Fresheners
DIYs, Household

Room Fresheners

By: Christina Smith, Certified Aromatherapist I can't tell you how many people ask me about helping rooms smell better! Typical ... Read More
Woman smelling from an EO bottle

Do You Have Empty Bottles?

Do you have a bunch of empty essential oil bottles sitting around? We may or may not be guilty of ... Read More
sweet orange, frankicense, clove, fir needle essential oil
Essential Oil 101

Feature Friday: Fir Needle

Despite what you might think, Fir Needle represents a lot more than Christmas trees and wintertime. This beautiful, uplifting essential ... Read More