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St. Patrick's Day For Children

St. Patrick’s Day For Children

By: Retha Nesmith, Certified Aromatherapist Last year for Easter I did a couple posts on some fun homemade Easter gifts ... Read More
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PT News

African Heartwood Project and Plant Therapy’s Adventures

By: Chris Jones, Owner of Plant Therapy Plant Therapy—A Small Business with a Big Heart. Giving back has always been important to us, but in 2013 we decided to make it a priority. Thanks to ... Read More
Brain Aid Hocus Focus Lemon essential oils
Essential Oil 101

15 Things You Should Know About Essential Oils

Strap in, we're here to give you a crash course on all things essential oils! Whether you're just getting started ... Read More
Plant Therapy Carrier Oils

What is a Carrier Oil?

CARRIER OIL -We use these words a lot but not everyone knows what a carrier oil is. Carrier oils are ... Read More
Plant Therapy KidSafe Knockin' Noggin Essential Oil Blend
Essential Oil 101

Where to Apply Essential Oils On the Body

When it comes to essential oils the saying "I'd rather be safe than sorry" should be taken seriously. Essential oils ... Read More
How to Make Lavender Body Scrub
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

How to Make a Simple Lavender Body Scrub

One of my favorite things about having essential oils on hand is that it enables me to make simple, natural ... Read More