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DIY Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub & Dry Shampoo

Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub & Dry Shampoo

It’s no secret that we want our hair to be fab-u-lous. We invest goodness knows how much money on shampoos, conditioners, styling products, treatments, hair cuts, and colors. But why should our hair get all the attention? A healthy scalp is just as important for making sure our locks stay lustrous. A good ole shampoo and condition is a good start, but there’s more you can do. This Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub is an easy way to improve scalp health and soften your hair. The sugar helps gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells while the blend of Argan and Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil help moisturize your scalp and hair. Plus, Pink Grapefruit and Cedarwood are both fantastic essential oils for their ability to promote shiny, healthy hair. After you’ve thoroughly scrubbed your scalp, rinse, and then follow up with your usual shampoo and conditioner. The result will be a gloriously flake-free scalp and soft, shiny hair!

DIY Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub

Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Combine carrier oils and essential oils in a small bowl. Stir in white sugar. Massage scrub over your entire scalp and rinse thoroughly. Then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Woman combing her hair in front of the mirror

And for those days that you don’t even have time to wash and dry your hair, we have dry shampoo! It’s easier to make than you think. All you need is arrowroot powder (baking soda can be too harsh), a little cacao powder if you have dark hair, and your favorite essential oils. We used the blend of Grapefruit and Cedarwood again because of their benefits for hair, and also because of the delightful and fruity aroma. Other combinations you can try are Bergamot and Sandalwood, Lavender and Rosemary, or Orange and Patchouli. Once your dry shampoo is thoroughly mixed, use a kabuki brush or other makeup brush to put a small amount on your hair, then comb it through your hair to absorb any excess oil. Keep in mind, use a light touch with the dry shampoo to avoid overly powdery hair. You can always use more, but it’s not so easy trying to get the extra out.

grapefruit pink essential oil

Pink Grapefruit Dry Shampoo DIY

What you’ll need:

or for dark hair

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What you’ll do:

Combine your Arrowroot Powder and Cacao Powder if needed. Add essential oils and mix thoroughly with a whisk or fork. You can also use a blender or food processor to help combine the essential oils and powder. Using a makeup brush, add a small amount of dry shampoo to your hair and comb through.

FriYAY: Kid Complaints Edition

FriYAY: Kid Complaints Edition

We’re bored in the house and we’re in the house bored. If we’re bored in the house, then our children are also in the house bored… probably more than us! When the world opens up again, our children will likely be plowing full-force ahead into all of their favorite activities and pastimes. Keeping in mind social distancing, of course. But what happens when they start to feel the burn from the grind? It’s our job as parents to be prepared for that moment, and that’s why our FriYAY: Kid Complaints Edition features our top three KidSafe blends to help your kids keep at it.

FriYAY Sore No More

Sore No More

It seems like kids can just keep going and going and going and going… but when they overdo it and are feeling a little sore, reach for Sore No More. This blend combines Citronella, Rosalina, Palmarosa, Black Pepper, and more to ease occasional muscle or joint overuse which can occur when you have active children. The warming effect of the oils can help increase circulation and give a sense of relief to your little one. Help soothe soreness from that slide into second base or those four-hour gymnastics sessions with Sore No More! Goodbye suffering, hello comfort.  

How to Use

Dilute Sore No More to 3-5% and apply to the affected area using your favorite carrier oil. Add 3-5 drops to a tablespoon of bubble bath and 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt to a warm, relaxing bath to help soothe your child’s muscles and joints after a busy day on the field, on the mat, or in the backyard. 

Some Things to Know

FriYAY Tummy All Better

Tummy All Better

To help soothe the occasional tummy trouble, Tummy All Better is the perfect choice. The refreshing scent of dill and subtle floral aroma instantly helps to alleviate the feeling of upset tummies. Tummy All Better can be useful during long car rides or even for little ones that have trouble with regularity. This blend of Petitgrain, Dill Weed, Chamomile Roman, Spearmint, and Ginger can be inhaled to relieve queasiness or applied topically to help with digestive upset. It’s gentle, yet effective making this a must-have blend for your KidSafe arsenal!

How to Use

Dilute Tummy All Better to 2-3% in your favorite carrier oil and apply directly to your child’s abdomen, massaging in a clockwise motion, and to the tops of the feet. Tummy All Better can also be inhaled directly from the bottle for instant relief from a “queasy” tummy. To use Tummy All Better in a personal aromatherapy inhaler, add 10 drops to the wick and use as needed to combat those queasy feelings.

Some Things to Know

FriYAY: Kid Complaints Edition

Grow Ease

As children grow and develop they can occasionally suffer from the aches and discomfort that we call growing pains. It’s awful and we have all been there to endure it. That is why at Plant Therapy we keep kids in mind with our KidSafe Grow Ease. Grow Ease can help soothe sore muscles and ease the leg cramps associated with growth spurts. It has a tangy, fruit scent with a hint of spiciness making it unique and kid-friendly.

We can’t stop them from growing, but we can help with the aches and cramps that come with it — a common kid-complaint! That’s why we included Grow Ease in our FriYAY: Kid Complaints Edition.

How to Use

To help your child relax and ease the aches and cramping associated with growing, add 3-5 drops to one tablespoon of bubble bath or body wash and 1/2 cup of Epsom salt. Add to a warm bath before bed. For topical use, dilute Grow Ease to 2-4% in your favorite carrier oil and apply it to the affected area.

Some Things to Know

Epsom Salt

Sore Kiddos Bath Salts DIY

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Add 5 drops of your chosen blend to the bubble bath and stir well. Combine with Epsom salt. Add the salts to a warm bath to help ease sore muscles or growing pains.

Essential Oil Glossary

Essential Oil Glossary

There is so much terminology that relates to essential oils, and it can be difficult to find decent definitions. So for that, we decided to create a definitive Essential Oil Glossary to help clear up any confusion. You’ll also find links to more in-depth explanations and product examples. This is your one-stop-shop to learn what it means when we use words like, “Chemotype” and, “Estrogenic”. Enjoy!

FriYAY Spring Jasmine Absolute


Absolutes are similar to essential oils but are more costly to produce and create oils whose fragrances are closer to that of the original plant. To create an absolute, we use a solvent like alcohol to extract the beneficial oil instead of steam distillation. This method is for delicate plant material that’s difficult to distill. A couple of absolutely fantastic examples of absolutes are Rose and Jasmine.


Originating in the ancient societies of Egypt, China, and India, aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Also known as essential oil therapy, it’s a holistic approach to promoting health and well-being. This is the practice that uses aromatic essential oils to improve the body, mind, and spirit. It’s kind of our thing.


A blend, or synergy, is simply a mixture of essential oils, carefully crafted by our aromatherapists to use in a diffuser or diluted in a carrier and applied to your skin.

Botanical name

This can also be referred to as the “scientific name”. A botanical name is written in Latin and identifies the genus and the specific species of a plant. The first word is the genus, that is, the larger group the plant belongs to, and the second word is the species. The botanical name for Bergamot, for instance, is Citrus bergamia.

The Master Gardener Program has an incredibly informative break-down of botanical names here.


When not diluted properly, essential oils have the potential to be dangerous. They can have what’s called “systemic toxicity” leading to cytotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and carcinogenicity. Some essential oils have naturally occurring chemical constituents that, when used or taken in large doses, have the potential to cause or induce cancer. Some of these constituents include safrole, methyl chavicol, and methyl eugenol. This is one of many reasons why proper dilutions are important when using essential oils.

Essential Oil Glossary

Carrier Oil

Essential oils aren’t supposed to be applied directly to the skin undiluted because they can cause rashes, burns, and more dangerous side-effects. That’s why carrier oils are so important — they carry the oils safely so that you can use them topically. A carrier oil is derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from seeds, nuts, or kernels. Each one has its own therapeutic properties that can enhance the benefits of the essential oils that you dilute in them.


A chemotype is a way of saying that the same plant can have different types of chemicals. Most essential oils don’t have different chemotypes, but when they do, it’s important to note because the chemotype determines their therapeutic properties. These variations usually occur when the same plant is grown in different environments. Thyme, for instance, has six chemotypes that have different effects on the body and mind. We currently sell two variations: Thyme Thymol, and Thyme Linalool. “Thymol” and “Linalool” are their chemotypes.


Also known as “expression” or “mechanical separation,” cold-pressing is a way to extract essential oils without using heat. As the name suggests, the aromatic parts of plants (peels and rinds, for instance) are punctured and pressed without heat to squeeze out the essential oils. Centrifugal forces are used to separate and capture the oils after pressing.

Common Name

Common names are layman’s terms for our essential oils and the plants they are extracted from. It would be difficult to have to say, “Tanacetum annuum” every time we wanted to talk about Blue Tansy. Imagine using Latin names for our DIY videos: “Mix Juniperus communis (Juniper Berry) with Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamom)  and Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) . . .” That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?


Constituents are individual parts of a whole. Caffeine is a chemical constituent in coffee, for instance. Each essential oil is packed full of diverse constituents that lend different fragrances and therapeutic benefits to the whole. If you’re looking for an oil that can help you relax before bed, for example, you might want one that has a high level of the constituent Linalool (Thyme, Basil, Lavindin, etc. ). Our GC/MS reports show all of the constituents (above 1%) provided by our essential oils.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extracts are still essential oils, just collected in a different way. This extraction method uses liquid carbon dioxide as a solvent to remove the oil from plant material. Through CO2 extraction, precious oils are collected at a much lower temperature, meaning that less oil (and it’s beneficial properties) are lost in the process. The fragrances of CO2 extracts are more like the scent of the actual plants that the oils are taken from.


Most diffusers on the market are ultrasonic. It’s a simple technology with a cool name that uses electronic frequencies to vibrate a small disk at the bottom of the diffuser. By vibrating, the disk produces a fine mist that makes your essential oils airborne so that you can fill any space with their fragrances and benefits.


A dilution of 1% would mean that out of every 100 drops in a carrier, one drop would be an essential oil.  Essential oils are composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of different chemicals that make up the overall oil. It’s these different chemical constituents that give the essential oils their “magic powers”, but also what makes them potentially dangerous. We dilute essential oils because applying them undiluted can lead to adverse reactions.


We all learned in grade school that water and oil don’t mix. So how can you enjoy essential oils in your bath, or in cleaning sprays, and hand soaps? For that, you need an emulsifier. The molecules in an emulsifier have two portions: one is attracted to water and the other is attracted to oil. The end result is that emulsifiers act as a sort of glue between the oil and water molecules keeping them bound together. Otherwise, your oils would just sit on top of the water and never mix.

Essential Oil

Essential oils capture the “essence” of a plant through distillation or mechanical pressing. Essentially, these oils are concentrated extracts that retain, or magnify the fragrance and effect of their source. Oils from different plants or different parts of the same plant can have very different chemical compositions, which changes the smell, absorption, and effect on the body and mind.

Orange essence fruit oil plant therapy


We pull essences from the pulp or the peel of citrus fruits. During the final phase of juice production, volatile oils float to the top of the concentrate. We collect and distill those oils to create an essence. Their scent is generally more intense than their essential oil cousins.

Estrogen is a naturally occurring hormone and isn’t a bad thing, but your body needs to have a healthy balance. Too much or too little can be problematic. In basic terms, something that is estrogenic can mimic or enhance the body’s level of estrogen. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, estrogenic oils should be avoided because your levels are already high, and adding to that can have detrimental effects. If you have certain conditions such as endometriosis, or estrogen-sensitive cancer, you should also steer clear of estrogenic essential oils.

The “GC” stands for Gas Chromatography and the “MS” means Mass Spectrometry. Essentially, these two methods of measurement and analysis separate, identify, and quantify the individual constituents in each batch of our essential oils. This process is incredibly important for quality control, as it helps us ensure that our products contain no synthetic substances, contaminants, or adulterants.

plant therapy hydrosols


With steam distillation, steam passes through the plant matter and takes the oils from the plant. The oil-laden steam travels into a condensing tube and the essential oil is siphoned off to leave a gentle, aromatic hydrosol.  Plant Therapy currently offers seven different organic hydrosols: Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum, Lavender, Melissa, Peppermint, Rose, and Tea Tree.


An infusion is the introduction of a new element or quality into something else. When you add dandelions, herbs, or other plant material to a carrier oil and let it sit for a few weeks, an infusion will be the result (not to be confused with essential oil-carrier oil blends).


When it comes to ingestion (using essential oils internally), Plant Therapy’s policy is to avoid it. Without careful administration and supervision, ingesting essential oils can cause serious damage. Unless you’re directed by a medical doctor who is also a clinical aromatherapist, we don’t recommend using essential oils internally. Examples of ingestion include adding essential oils to beverages or capsules that are intended to be swallowed.


We extract isolates from essential oils solely for their aromatic qualities. They are single chemical components, or constituents, that reside within the oils. To capture an isolate, a process called “fractional distillation” repeatedly heats the essential oils to different boiling points and separates the vapors.

Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oils Sets


Designed for children but effective for all, our first-of-its-kind KidSafe line features essential oil blends and singles that target specific childhood issues. These oils are available as 100% pure and undiluted oils, or in pre-diluted roll-on bottles. As parents ourselves, we wanted to create oils that could help support the immune system, clear congestion, soothe excitable young minds, or help them focus. If you want to share the benefits of essential oils with your little ones, there is simply no comparable product on the market. The KidSafe label means that it’s safe for children ages two and up.

Natural fragrance

If you start looking at the ingredients in perfumes, body sprays, soaps, and cleaning products, you’ll notice the words “fragrance” or “perfume.” This term can really mean a whole cocktail of synthetic ingredients. But with the term “natural fragrance,” you can be sure the ingredients are physically obtained from plants using distillation, expression, or extraction. There is absolutely nothing synthetic about these fragrances.

Essential Oil Glossary

Ordering whiskey “neat” means a straight-up glass of nothing but whiskey. So essential oils “neat” means the oils are pure and undiluted. We dilute essential oils because applying them undiluted can lead to painful skin reactions like rashes, burns, immune responses, and more. We don’t recommend going “neat” without medical supervision.


Basically, each essential oil has a note, and that note helps determine how that oil will interact with others. These notes fall into three categories: top, middle, and base. A top note is usually the first thing you’ll notice in a fragrance. They are usually fresh and uplifting and will be the first to evaporate. Middle notes help give body and fullness to a blend. They’re often what holds the blend together and makes it work. Finally, we have the base note. It’s the foundation of your entire blend and will leave a lasting impression.

copaiba oleoresin

Oleoresin is a type of oil like an absolute or CO2 extraction. It’s the method of extraction that makes it an oleoresin. In the simplest terms, we take something like Vanilla Extract and remove the solvent to create a concentrated oil. While we continue to scour the globe for more sources, Plant Therapy currently offers one incredible stand-alone oleoresin: Copaiba.


The olfactory system consists of the nose, nasal passages, and the mucous membranes that create our sense of smell. So the word “olfactory” for our purposes, simply relates to the fragrances and aromas of our essential oils and other products.


All of Plant Therapy’s essential oils are 100% pure, additive, and filler-free. So what’s the big deal with the organic label? Each organic product is certified through the strict standards of ECOCERT ICO, and accredited through The National Organic Program (NOP). To qualify, we cannot use any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) when we plant, harvest, or process the oil. Furthermore, the soil where the plants grow must not have been free of prohibited substances for at least three years. No harmful pesticides can be used. Additionally, producing organic products helps preserve biodiversity.

Orifice Reducer

Not the best name, right? Yeah . . . but rest-assured, an orifice reducer is just the device placed in the opening of our essential oil bottles. It reduces the size of the bottle opening (orifice) so that it’s smaller and limits the flow of oil. You’ll also notice that thicker oils, like Vetiver, have a larger reducer to help the drops come out of the bottle a little easier.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Essential Oil Blend


In scientific terms, oxidation occurs when an atom, molecule, or ion begins losing electrons due to a chemical reaction. When an essential oil oxidizes, its smell changes and its color can be altered. If moisture gets into your essential oil bottle, it will accelerate the oxidation process. If an essential oil sits on your shelf for many years, it might become thicker, or even solidify, but this typically takes a long time.

Passive Diffusion

This method of diffusion is the simplest way to enjoy essential oils. Passive diffusion is just a fancy way to say “evaporation.” After you place few drops of essential oil on something like a tissue, or in our Diffuser Locket, the oil will diffuse via evaporation, filling the air with the oil’s fragrant molecules.


There are certain essential oils that intensify the effects of sunlight, causing burns, blisters, and discoloration. Basically, phototoxic oils contain chemical constituents that absorb UV light, store it, and release it into the skin. Because reactions can occur up to 18 hours after using the oil, we need to be mindful after applying phototoxic oils. Use the recommended dilution rates for these oils to avoid a phototoxic reaction.

For more info, and a handy dilution chart click here.

Plant part

Various parts of plants like leaves, peels, roots,  and blossoms create oils with different benefits and fragrances. One single type of plant can produce very different oils. Distillations of different portions of the orange tree, for instance, produce Sweet Orange, Neroli, and Petitgrain.

Pregnancy and Nursing Safe: Glossary

Pregnancy & Nursing Safe

Used topically or diffused, essential oils enter your body and your bloodstream. That means if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, those oils can affect your little one as well. That’s why Plant Therapy has worked hard to create a Pregnancy & Nursing Safe line of essential oils.


Preservatives like Optiphen ND and Germall Plus prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungus in water-based products. Any product that uses water as an ingredient, like lotions, spray cleaners, and foaming hand soaps will need a preservative.

For help picking out the perfect preservative, click here.

Woman using Pup & Pony blend with her dog

Pup & Pony Approved

Not all essential oils are safe for your pets. That’s why we continue to work hard to find oils and blends that work safely for your fur babies.


Also known as Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD), sensitization is an allergic immune response. This usually happens when essential oils are applied undiluted. Signs you should watch for include itchiness, rash, eczema, shortness of breath, or tightness in your chest. This is why it is so very important to follow proper dilution guidelines.

Essential Oil Glossary

Solvent Extraction

This method of extraction is for parts of plants whose therapeutic compounds would be damaged by traditional steam distillation. Solvent extraction uses chemicals like alcohol to extract the volatile elements. This process produces what we refer to as “absolutes.”


We get the vast majority of our essential oils via steam distillation. Passing steam through plant matter releases the essential oils and transports them into a collection vessel where they float on the surface of the water (hydrosol), then we can separate and bottle them.

Essential Oil Glossary

When you combine two or more substances, and the resulting performance is greater than the sum of their parts, you get what we call a”synergy”. So when we combine several different essential oils, we are creating a synergistically therapeutic beneficial combination, because the interaction between the chemical constituents leads to something new, and greater than the oils used separately. We’re transitioning to rename some of our synergies to simply “blends”, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost any of their power.

Therapeutic Grade (aka just a marketing term)

“Therapeutic Grade” is a marketing term that other companies throw around to cast doubt on others’ products. This term is misleading, meaningless, and backed up by absolutely nothing with no certification, research, or testing. It’s 100% make-believe. Instead, look for published test reports (like batch specific GC/MS reports) that show that there are no additives or fillers in the essential oils.

Essential Oil Glossary

Therapeutic Properties

When we talk about essential oils, we’re usually talking about their aromatic properties (how they smell) or their therapeutic properties (how they interact with the body). When a product has “therapeutic properties,” it means that it contains constituents that are used to treat specific diseases. For example, Eucalyptus Globulus is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, so we would say it has a therapeutic property that supports muscle and joint health.


We hope this Essential Oil Glossary has been helpful and is something you can refer back to when continuing your essential education. Our blogs and our educational downloads are always here too if you’re in need of more in-depth descriptions.

We’d love your input! If there are any terms or products you’d like us to add to the glossary, please post a comment and we’ll get right on it!

This, Not That: Aloe Jelly Edition

Plant Therapy Aloe Jellies

Say hello to our new Aloe Jellies! Well, they’re the same product you know and love… only better. We reformulated our Aloe Jellies with cleaner ingredients while making some improvements that include adding rich plant extracts that will nourish and condition the skin. Let’s look at why these improved Aloe Jellies have everything you want in body care, and nothing you don’t.


Why Reformulate?

Our Aloe Jellies are amazing for a number of reasons. Aloe nourishes the skin, is exceptionally soothing (especially on irritation), and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. But to make aloe a carrier for essential oils, it also needs emulsifiers and preservatives to make sure the essential oils are properly dispersed and that the product doesn’t go bad. While the original formula accomplished all of these things, we wanted to make it even cleaner by using only natural or nature-identical emulsifiers and preservatives. And by adding a few extra plant extracts, we were able to amp up the skin-nourishing goodness.

All of the ingredients in our new formula are compliant to Whole Foods Basic and have been deemed safe by the Environmental Working Group (

Plant Therapy Aloe Jelly

All of the Good

Aloe Vera really is the star of the show! It is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids, all of which help make it so amazing for the skin. It can help calm irritated or itchy skin, whether its a bug bite or rash. It’s also a go-to when it comes to sunburns (or regular burns) for helping cool and soothe the tender skin. Aloe acts as an excellent overall moisturizer and helps bind moisture to the skin. And since it is so gentle, it’s great for even the most sensitive of skin.

The additions of Dandelion, Wild Geranium, Gotu Kola and Horsetail extracts bring extra nourishment to our new Aloe Jellies. All four of these plant extracts are rich in antioxidants, which help calm and revitalize dull skin. These extracts are also powerful skin conditioners. When combined with Aloe Vera, the result is a gentle and hydrating Aloe Jelly that will soothe dry, irritated skin. Plus our Aloe Jellies are still available in Unscented (which allows you to add your own essential oils) or Lavender (already infused with Lavender essential oil).

Lavender and Unscented Aloe Jellies

All of the Ingredients

Ingredient labels can be an intimidating place. Even if a product is natural, the names of the ingredients may be unrecognizable and unpronounceable. And because we want you to know exactly what you’re getting with our new Aloe Jellies, we’ll go through each ingredient so you know what exactly you’re putting on your bodies.

  • Aqua: Also known as water! In this case, deionized water.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids that nourish and moisturize the skin.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose: A plant-derived amino acid, it is used as a thickening agent.
  • Carrageenan: Also called Irish Moss, this edible seaweed is used for thickening, gelling and stabilizing.
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: This food-grade preservative is synthetically derived from vegetable glycerin. It is nature-identical, which means it is chemically identical to the molecule found in nature.
  • Potassium Sorbate: Another nature-identical ingredient, it is the potassium salt of sorbic acid and is used primarily as a safe, food-grade non-formaldehyde preservative.
  • Sodium Benzoate: Also nature-identical, it is a safe, food-grade non-formaldehyde preservative produced when benzoic acid, which is found naturally in some fruits and spices, is combined with sodium hydroxide.
  • Geranium Maculatum Extract: Wild Geranium Extract.
  • Centella Asiatica Extract: Gotu Kola Extract.
  • Taraxacum Officinale Extract: Dandelion Extract.
  • Equisetum Arvense Extract: Horsetail Extract, also known as Spotted Cranesbill.

muscle aloe jelly

But What About Muscle Aloe Jelly?

Once we started the reformulation process, it quickly became apparent that Muscle Aloe Jelly would be more of a challenge. Instead of waiting until all the reformulations were complete, we wanted to make our amazing clean formulas for Unscented and Lavender available right away. We are still working tirelessly to create the Muscle Aloe Jelly you know and love with cleaner ingredients. 

So you can make an informed decision, the two ingredients we are working to replace are Triethanolamine (TEA) and Tetrasodium EDTA. Tetrasodium is not a Whole Foods compliant ingredient. And although Triethanolamine is a Whole Foods compliant ingredient, it’s not the most desirable as it can cause irritation. It’s also important to note that while these ingredients present issues, you’ll commonly find them in body care products. They are very strong agents for emulsifying, adjusting pH, and/or chelating. You can read the EWG Rating for both these ingredients and ultimately decide what is best for you and your family. 

Above all, remember that we would never sell anything to our customers that we think would be potentially harmful when used appropriately. While we feel you can safely use this product, please know we are working to find a better formula with cleaner ingredients. 


Aloe Jelly DIYs

FriYAY: Acne Fighting Edition

FriYAY Acne Fighting Edition

We’ve all been there. You wash your face, go to sleep with clear skin, and wake up to find a giant zit has grown overnight. Or maybe acne isn’t an occasional struggle but rather an ongoing battle that you can’t seem to win. It doesn’t help that there are so many things that can cause those pesky red spots to erupt: hormone changes, diet, lack of sleep, genetics, stress…or maybe you varied your skincare routine ever so slightly and your skin is staging a protest.

It doesn’t help that the supposed answer to acne is to strip your skin of everything and dry out the zits with alcohol. That might work temporarily, but it isn’t doing your skin any favors in the long term. Instead, you can use essential oils and the right carrier oils to help nourish your skin and combat acne the natural way. Let’s look at this FriYAY’s acne-fighting trio: Zit Fighter, Clear Complex, and Tea Tree.

FriYAY Acne Fighting Edition - Tea Tree

Tea Tree

When it comes to skin-clearing oils, Tea Tree is at the top of the list. It helps reduce excess oil and blemishes without completely drying out your skin. Tea Tree’s cleansing abilities also make it great for spot treatment when you’re dealing with acne or blemishes. The skincare benefits don’t stop there! It can help with irritated, itchy, or even stinky (we’re looking at you, feet) skin. Consider adding it to your unscented shampoo to help with dandruff or an oily scalp.

In addition to helping cleanse the skin, Tea Tree is also fantastic in DIY household cleaning recipes. It imparts a fresh, medicinal, woody scent and operates as a powerful surface cleaner when mixed at 2% with vinegar. To refresh a stale or musty room, diffuse alone or with a floral essential oil like Jasmine Absolute or Lavender. If your towels can’t seem to shake that musty smell, try adding a few drops to your washer.

How to Use

Dilute up to 5%  in a carrier oil for small, targeted areas or dilute to 1-2% for everyday skin applications. Dilute 2% with vinegar for a cleaning spray. Or add a few drops to your diffuser to liven up a stale room and bring about a calm, soothing atmosphere.

Some Things to Know

  • KidSafe: Yes
  • Pregnancy & Nursing Safe: Yes
  • Pup & Pony Approved: No
  • Shelf Life: 2-3 years

Zit Fighter Essential Oil Blend

Zit Fighter

Tea Tree is always a great choice when it comes to skincare, but sometimes you need a little something extra in your arsenal. Zit Fighter was specially formulated to help when those zits pop up, whatever the cause may be. It combines a number of skin-clearing essential oils, like Geranium Bourbon, Grapefruit, and Cedarwood Himalayan, that are known for their ability to help rebalance skin and reduce the appearance of redness. This, in turn, helps your skin to look more clear and healthy.

How to Use

Dilute Zit Fighter up to 5% in a carrier oil or in Aloe Jelly and apply directly to blemishes with a cotton swab.

Some Things to Know

Clear Complex Carrier Oil Blend

Clear Complex

When you’re dealing with oily skin, which often goes hand-in-hand with acne, it might seem counterintuitive to add even more oil to your face. But making sure your face is properly hydrated can help prevent it from producing excess oil. Clear Complex is a lightweight carrier oil blend that combines Grapeseed, Hemp Seed, Evening Primrose, and Vitamin E Oils. These carriers blended together to create a light, nourishing oil that relieves redness and is perfect for oily skin.

Grapeseed Oil is very light and moisturizing with astringent properties; it smooths away dryness and will not clog pores. Hemp Seed Oil is very high in omega fatty acids and proteins and encourages a healthy moisture balance. Evening Primrose Oil soothes redness, plus it nourishes and protects healthy skin cells. Vitamin E finishes off the blend by acting as a powerful antioxidant. It’s the ideal carrier oil blend for daily use.

How to Use

Clear Complex Carrier Oil Blend is perfect to use as the base for your oil cleansing method or as a daily moisturizer (even oily skin needs moisturizing after daily exposure to the elements). Apply directly to a clean face 1-2 times a day.

Some Things to Know

Clear Complex, Tea Tree and Zit Fighter

Zit Fighter Roll-On DIY

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Add between 6 and 15 drops of Zit Fighter to the roll-on bottle for a 2-5% dilution. Then fill the roll-on bottle with Clear Complex. Apply directly to blemishes 1-2 a day for clear, healthy skin.

FriYAY: Sleep Edition

FriYAY: Novafuse, Sleep Tight and Sweet Slumber

Sleep. Something we all wish we got more of. And with all the stress, anxiety, and general stir-craziness, you might feel like your sleep is worse than normal. There are some natural ways you can support better sleep, like turning off your devices at least thirty minutes before bed (which is the worst but so worth it) and sticking to a sleep schedule. Another amazing way to catch some better ZZZZs is to start diffusing before bed. Essential oils can help create a calming atmosphere and help you unwind and relax after a long day. This FriYAY, we’re featuring two of our favorite sleep blends and the NovaFuse Diffuser! Let’s look at why these blends deserve to be staples of your nighttime routine.

Plant Therapy Sweet Slumber Roll-On

Sweet Slumber

Sweet Slumber is one of our KidSafe sleep blends. And even though we had kids in mind when we created it, it’s fabulous for adults too. One thing that sets this blend apart from other sleep blends is the fact that it doesn’t use Lavender. While many people love Lavender for sleep and relaxation, we also know that some people don’t care for the smell or don’t react well. Instead, Sweet Slumber blends Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver to create a calming, soothing, and sedating atmosphere. It’s good for relaxing both the mind and body before sleep.

Cedarwood is soothing and calming. Ho Wood is comprised of predominantly one constituent, linalool, which is known for its relaxing, sedative qualities. Sweet Orange is uplifting, yet calming. Roman Chamomile is great for reducing worry and for decompressing the body and mind. And Vetiver is popular for its smokey, woodsy scent and its ability to quiet busy thoughts and nervousness. Together these oils will ensure that you and your family will get the sweet slumber you deserve each night.

How to Use

To use Sweet Slumber topically, dilute to 2-3% with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil and apply to the back or chest approximately 20 minutes before bedtime. You can also add a couple of drops of Sweet Slumber into a tablespoon of bubble bath or shampoo for a relaxing nighttime bath.

Some Things to Know

Plant Therapy Sleep Tight Blend

Sleep Tight

Our Sleep Tight blend is just for the adults. And like Sweet Slumber, it was formulated without Valerian Root (a very sedating oil with a strong aroma) to provide other options for people who prefer a sweeter scent while they sleep. It combines Lavender, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange Flower, and Hops Extract for a soothing and sweet aroma that will help calm the mind and body and promote a peaceful, well-deserved night of slumber. Lavender is well-known for its ability to help promote calm and relaxation. Mandarin is another very soothing oil that also has uplifting qualities to it. Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange Flower/Neroli, and Hops Extract round out the blend with their calming, soothing properties.

How to Use

Diffuse in your favorite Plant Therapy diffuser or add a drop or two on a cotton ball placed near your pillow. For topical application, dilute to 2-3% in a carrier oil or lotion and massage into your legs and/or feet. For a relaxing bath before bed, add 2-3 drops to your body wash or unscented shampoo and add to your bathwater.

Some Things to Know

Plant Therapy NovaFuse Diffuser

Black NovaFuse USB Diffuser

Diffusing before bed and while you sleep is a simple and easy way to enjoy the calming benefits of your essential oils. The NovaFuse Diffuser gently diffuses essential oils into the air using ultrasonic technology. It has a 70 mL reservoir that covers about a 269 square feet area, making it ideal for a bedroom. Plus it has color-changing lights and a 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off intermittent setting. If you choose to leave it on continuously, it will run for about five hours.

FriYAY: Novafuse, Sleep Tight and Sweet Slumber

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray DIY

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Mix your essential oils into the Everclear. Once mixed thoroughly, pour into water and mix again. Pour your final mixture into a spray bottle. Shake well before using on your pillow at bedtime.

Which CBD+iso Product Should You Choose?

Which CBD+iso product is right for you?

Plant Therapy is beyond excited to introduce to you CBD+iso! It combines CBD with a different isolate to help with specific issues that we all face. The Quiet Mind Collection is designed to help with stress, the Rest Easy Collection with sleep, and the Intense Relief Collection with pain. We go into a lot more detail about CBD, the different isolates, and the different collections here. We recommend starting there and coming back once you’ve finished.

If you’ve read all about CBD and you’re excited to try CBD+iso… but you’re not quite sure where to start, we can help! With three different collections and several kinds of products, it can definitely be a little overwhelming. All you need to do is ask yourself a few short questions and you’ll be ready to go.

Plant Therapy CBD+iso Oil Drops

Why Do You Want to Take CBD?

This one is pretty straightforward. Most people who try CBD (or are already taking CBD) have something specific in mind. And it might be as simple as overall health and wellbeing, or it might be one area that’s giving you trouble. The three CBD+iso collections target three issues: sleep, stress, and pain. If one of those jumps out at you, then you’re halfway there! If you experience disruptions in your sleep patterns, then start with one of the Rest Easy products. Or if stress and anxiety are bothersome, reach for Quiet Mind. And if you’re dealing with pain, then try Intense Relief. And if you’re just wanting more of a general CBD product, then our Everyday Wellness line has what you need.

CBD+iso Softgels

What Intensity Are You Dealing With?

Now that you know what CBD+iso collection to start with, you’re probably wondering what strength you should go with. To figure this out, you’ll need to answer two questions: have you ever taken CBD before and how intense is the issue you’re dealing with. If you’re new to CBD, it’s always a good idea to start small and work your way up (even if you feel like your concern is very intense indeed). Once you’ve worked out where you are with those two questions, check out the different kinds of products available in each collection.

Plant Therapy CBD+iso Roll-Ons

What’s Available in Each Collection?

There are quite a few supplement and topical options for each collection! Our Everday Wellness products feature only CBD, while CBD+iso includes CBD plus CBC, CBG, or CBN Isolates. You can read more about the different isolates and how they work together here. We’ve broken down what’s available and who it might be ideal for. Check it out:

  • Softgels: Ideal for CBD beginners, softgels are easy to take and are a great strength if you’re starting out with CBD or CBD+iso.
  • 500 mg Oil Drops: This strength is another fantastic option for beginners or anyone whose issue gives them trouble only occasionally. All of the CBD+iso oil drops also include 250 mg of the isolate specific to that collection. The oil drops are designed to be taken sublingually.
  • 1000 mg Oil Drops: If you’re more familiar with CBD, 1000 mg Oil Drops are a great place to start. They’re also ideal for someone whose issue is more persistent.
  • 2500 mg Oil Drops: If you love your CBD or feel your issue is at maximum, then 2500 mg CBD is for you. For those with less CBD experience, you might consider starting at 1000 mg and working your way up to this strength.
  • Body Oil: Topical products are another great choice for beginners. These body oils contain 150 mg CBD + 50 mg isolate, as well as carefully chosen essential oils. Body oils are ideal for full-body relaxation as well as massage. 
  • Roll-On: The CBD+iso roll-ons are at a higher strength, with 500 mg CBD + 100 mg isolate, than the Everday Wellness Roll-Ons which only have 200 mg CBD. This makes them well suited to spot applications as opposed to full-body applications. They’re great for beginners and seasoned CBD users alike.
  • Balms: Only available as part of the Intense Relief and Everyday Wellness collections, the Rapid Relief Balm, which includes an isolate, is available in tins or tubes in different strengths. It really boils down to which method of application is easiest for you. Or check out the Deep Relief Balms from Everyday Wellness.

CBD+iso Rest Easy Collection

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match!

The beauty of CBD+iso is that many of these products are designed to be used simultaneously. You can use a tincture and a roll-on, or a softgel and a body oil… or whatever combination you like! It allows for customization based on what works for you and what issues you’re dealing with. And you’re not limited to sticking within a collection. If you find work particularly stressful, you could use the Stress Roll-On to help you during the day and take the Quiet Mind Oil Drops before bed to help unwind. The possibilities are endless. And if you’re worried about taking too much CBD, it takes roughly 20,000 mg taken all at once to reach a toxic dose. Even then, you’ll be queasy and not feel great, but that’s about it. As long as you don’t start chugging bottles of the oil drops, you’ll be great.

Still Not Sure?

We hope this helped give a good idea of where to start. But if you’re still not sure what’s the best option for you, we have some amazing resources for you. You can take an interactive quiz or follow this handy flow chart. If you’re truly stumped, our Customer Satisfaction Team is always here to help you with any questions or concerns.

Meet CBD+iso: Designed to Help You Deal with Life’s Problems

Plant Therapy CBD+iso

Meet the newest addition to our line of CBD products: CBD+iso! We created these amazing new products specifically to help you deal with issues that many people face in their day to day lives: stress, sleep, and pain. What makes CBD+iso unique is that each of the three collections, Quiet Mind, Rest Easy, and Intense Relief, combines broad-spectrum CBD with a specific isolate. Together, those cannabinoids work together to provide targeted relief. Plus each collection features oil drops (aka tinctures), softgels, roll-ons, balms, and body oils! This allows you to find the right product (or combination of products) to suit your needs. Let’s dive right in.

And if you’re still not sure if CBD is right for you, we have a number of amazing resources to help you learn what CBD is, how it works with your endocannabinoid system, and how to get started with CBD

CBD+iso Softgels

Broad-Spectrum vs Full-Spectrum vs Isolate

CBD+iso  combines broad-spectrum CBD with unique isolated cannabinoids. Now, there are three types of CBD: broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD means the CBD starts as full-spectrum but has all the THC removed. You get all the benefits of the other chemical constituents in the hemp plant, plus the benefits of cannabidiol. Full-spectrum, on the other hand, means there are trace amounts of THC. The legal limit for full-spectrum products is less than 0.3%, a small enough amount that it still won’t have a psychoactive effect at all. Finally, CBD Isolate has been isolated from the plant compound using a process called chromatography and contains only cannabidiol, without any of the other chemical constituents of the cannabis plant.

But CBD is not the only cannabinoid that can be isolated! Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabinol (CBN) are just three such cannabinoids. We also used these three isolated cannabinoids in our CBD+iso collections. Combined with CBD, they help support overall health and wellbeing while also addressing specific issues we all deal with.

Plant Therapy CBD+iso Quiet Mind Collection

Quiet Mind

CBD+iso Quiet Mind Collection combines broad-spectrum CBD with CBG Isolate. These natural plant-derived cannabinoids are formulated to provide focused benefits for life’s stressful moments. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) are non-psychoactive cannabinoids that help supplement and support your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids levels, allowing your endocannabinoid system (eCS) to function properly. Both CBD and CBG support the eCS, which helps promote overall health and wellbeing and may also help reduce feelings of stress. The Quiet Mind Collection supports a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind when you’re dealing with stressful situations. It also helps foster a calm and balanced mood.* 

Quiet Mind includes two different supplements: Stress Oil Drops (available in three strengths) or Stress Softgels. Plus our topical products, Stress Body Oil and Stress Roll-On, have the added benefits of Bergamot, Frankincense Serrata, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Vetiver, and other essential oils. They work synergistically to release stress and tension, even when it’s carried in the body. And the carrier oils are lightweight, fast-absorbing, and will leave your skin silky smooth.

Plant Therapy CBD Rest Easy Collection

Rest Easy

CBD+iso Rest Easy Collection combines broad-spectrum CBD with CBN Isolate to provide targeted benefits for life’s sleep issues. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN) are non-intoxicating cannabinoids that also help supplement and support your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids levels. This combination of CBD and CBN in the Rest Easy Collection helps promote a well-rested night of sleep, allowing you to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling energized without a sluggish feeling.*

Rest Easy Sleep Oil Drops are available in three strengths. Or if you prefer, you can also go for our Sleep Softgels. Along with CBD and CBN, the Sleep Roll-On and Sleep Body Oil combine a synergistic blend of Cedarwood Himalayan, Blood Orange, Ho Wood, Mandarin, and more to ease nervous tension and promote relaxation. You can also mix and match supplements and topical products! 

Man choosing an Intense Relief product

Intense Relief

CBD+iso Intense Relief Collection combines broad-spectrum CBD with CBC Isolate to provide targeted benefits for life’s aches and pains. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabichromene (CBC) are non-psychoactive cannabinoids that help supplement and support your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids levels, which helps promote overall health and wellbeing and may also help when experiencing inflammation or discomfort.*

Of the three collections, Intense Relief offers the most options! In addition to the Pain Oil Drops and Pain Softgels, there are several different topical products. Each is designed to provide relief to specific concerns. Additionally, the different roll-ons, balms, and body oils make use of different combinations of essential oils for a truly customized experience.

  • Headache Roll-On: Along with CBD and CBC, this easy-to-use blend of Frankincense Carterii, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Globulus, Lavandin, and more works synergistically to help ease tension and soothe headaches.
  • Joint Roll-On: The blend of Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense Serrata, Black Pepper, and more (plus CBD and CBC) works together to provide maximum relief for achy joints.
  • Muscle Roll-On: Need relief for sore muscles? This roll-on combines CBD and CBC with Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, Lemon, Palmarosa, and more.
  • Nerve Body Oil: If you need relief from the sharp tingles, try massaging Nerve Body Oil on points of discomfort. It blends Fir Needle, Kunzea, Cedarwood, Basil Linalool, and more with CBD and CBC.
  • Rapid Relief Balms: You get the most options with these balms! They combine CBD, CBC, and our popular Rapid Relief blend. Choose from a tin or tube, whichever is easiest for you to apply, and pick from two different strengths. To help clear up what might be confusing with the strengths . . . The lower strengths for the tin and tube are roughly similar once applied. They only differ because of the amount of balm used in each container. The same goes for the higher strengths! It really boils down to which method of application you prefer.

Woman applying Quiet Mind Stress Roll-On

One Final Note

Our goal with creating CBD+iso was to utilize both broad-spectrum CBD as well as additional isolates to make the most of the therapeutic effect. A lot of care, consideration, and of course, testing, went into creating each and every one of these products. We hope they help you and enable you to live a full, beautiful life!

Now if you’ve read about all the collections and still aren’t sure which product you should start with, check out this blog post on which CBD+iso product is right for you, take our quiz, or reference this handy flow-chart!

P.S. Many PT employees got a chance to try out a few of the CBD+iso products . . . We loved them! We can’t wait for you to discover them yourselves.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It’s Okay If You’re Not Okay

Woman listening to music by her door.

Things are changing so fast and the world is all of a sudden a stressful, scary place. Some of you are in the thick of it, having to deal with long hours while putting your safety at risk for work, finding yourself suddenly without a job, or grieving the loss of friends and family. And others might be feeling profoundly grateful for being able to work from home, care for your families, and maybe find decent food at the grocery store. You might be going a little stir crazy, but now you have all this time on your hands to do things you don’t normally have time for like crafting, spring cleaning, and organizing all the things.

With all of this, it’s easy to see why some people are stressed out and not okay. But so many of us feel like we should be fine, but then are stuck wondering why we feel decidedly not okay? Instead of having excess energy to do all the things, we’re judging ourselves for struggling through the workday in a fog. We feel guilty answering “yes” when Netflix asks if we’re still watching. While we’re scrolling through Facebook looking for funny or wholesome memes to take our minds off things, we feel ashamed that when others suggest that if we can’t be productive in quarantine, we’ll never get that goal/project/task done. We’re here to tell you that that’s just not true.

Top 5 CBD Myths Debunked & Explained

Dealing with Constant, Unnamed Stress

Stress can have a profound impact on the body, even if it’s not full-blown. It can be easy to point to specific events and say “that’s why I’m stressed”. But sometimes there’s not something specific to blame. Every day we’re bombarded with changing, uncertain, and sometimes truly terrifying information. First, it’s don’t wear a mask, now we have to wear a mask. First, it’s social distancing, then it’s a stay at home order. Meanwhile, we’re trapped at home, helpless to watch as everything changes.

We’ve essentially lost our normal. Maybe you’re not feeling as productive anymore. Or you’re feeling lonely and out of touch. On top of that, the news is always changing and rarely good. This can all contribute to a heightened level of stress and anxiety that is bubbling under the surface. While it might feel less tangible than the stress caused by more intense or traumatic circumstances, it can still leave you feeling like you’re in a fog. Some of the effects of this kind of stress and stimulation are that you might find yourself with mental fatigue, have a hard time concentrating, or feel overwhelmed by tasks you can normally do without a second thought.

How to Beat the Brain Fog

Ordinarily, if our mind is feeling sluggish, the answer is to try to perk up with something energizing or stimulating. Drink yet another cup of coffee, try some jumping jacks, do a brain teaser, and bust out the Lemon Essential Oil with hopes that something will snap you out of it. But these aren’t ordinary times and this isn’t ordinary stress. The constant stressors of life during this pandemic are taking their toll, albeit a more subtle one, on our mental wellbeing. The way to help ease mental fatigue and emotional distress might seem counterintuitive, but it’s more important than ever. It’s time to rest. Give yourself a chance to process all the new information and allow your mind to recover by doing some self-care, something a lot of us need a little more of right now.

Woman doing yoga, self-care in her living room

Rest & Relaxation for the Constantly Stressed Out

Self-care looks different for everyone, especially in a time like this. Overall, it is important to find activities that are calming and relaxing to the mind. Maybe it’s going for a walk by yourself with a favorite audiobook in your headphones, finding a yoga practice to do on Youtube, connecting with your BFF over video chat, or finally becoming one with the couch as you rewatch your favorite show and eat brownies.

Whatever it is, remember to take care of yourself. Give yourself time to relax and recover. Even if your day didn’t feel stressful, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken a toll on your mind and body. And if you do decide to tackle projects around the house, make sure to make goals in manageable chunks. Your mental space is precious right now, don’t let the thoughts of what you “should” be doing right now overload you.

Essential Oils for the Weary Soul

You didn’t think we could talk about self-care without mentioning some of our favorite essential oils, did you?! As you go about your day and find those things that help relax your mind and body, you can add essential oils to the mix to help bring a sense of calm and restoration. Here are a few of our favorites:

Each of these essential oils and blends has properties that can help calm a busy and worried mind, soothe frazzled nerves, and revitalize a weary soul. Add them to your diffuser, dilute in a lotion before bed, create a soothing bubble bath… whatever speaks to you, find a way to incorporate these essential oils into your self-care routine. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. Feeling something woodsy and earthy? Combine Vetiver and Sandalwood with Bergamot (for some light top notes). In the mood for something light and citrusy? Mix up some Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Neroli.

Essential oils for self-care

Self-Care Diffuser Blends

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, try out one of these diffuser blends to help elevate your self-care. Each of these blends was created with specific attributes in mind. Take a moment to think about what you need a little more of in your life right now and choose your blend.

Balancing, Calming, Soothing

Calming, Soothing, Revitalizing

Calming, Soothing, Relaxing

Calming, Relaxing, Revitalizing


You Have Permission…

One final thought… you have permission to not be okay. You have permission to not be productive. And you have permission to do what you need to do to make it out the other side. You have permission to self-care, whatever that looks like. If that means you’re cabinets don’t get organized, your closet doesn’t get cleaned out and all your clothes are just a little bit snug, well then that’s okay too.


What’s PT Doing for Self-Care?

Like so many of you, we’re figuring out how to work from home, stay connected with friends and family (and coworkers!), and stay healthy. We thought it’d be fun to share with you some of our favorite ways to unwind, relax, self-care and cope with this crazy situation we all find ourselves in.

Be sure to share your favorite ways to self-care in the comments! Above all, remember it’s going to be okay and we’ll get through this together.


Drink wine, cook indulgent food, do puzzles, use my meditation apps when I feel panic-y, look at happy memories in my camera roll when I feel sad.

-Faith, Designer


These are some things I’m doing to stay sane: long-distance Reiki (which has been surprisingly helpful), cooking new recipes, lots of sidewalk chalk “school” with my son, Epsom salt baths, weekly pregnancy bump photos… and baby nursery prep.

-Alena, Product Manager


I am getting completely ready before starting my day of work from home. I also am focusing on a new skin care routine now that I have longer in the morning to get ready! And to help my kids stay sane which in turn helps me stay sane, my family is spending a lot of dedicated time playing games and enjoying the warm weather outside (when we are so blessed to have warm weather!).

-Retha, VP of Customer Experience


I keep unexpectedly crying. I think I’m carrying grief around with me all the time. Grief for the thousands who have died and for their families, grief for the lost jobs and livelihoods, and grief for the loss of normalcy and stability. Seeing how we as a people cope with that weight is helping me through this. The beautiful, caring things our communities have come together to do for each other gives me hope and strength.

-Jamie, Marketing Manager


I’m going for a lot of walks and doing one exercise every one to two hours (something simple and quick: 25 pushups, 50 situps, 30 curls). I’m getting in touch with people I haven’t talked to in a while virtually, and also writing handwritten letters and sending them in the mail.

– Brannon, Content Writer


When I start feeling overwhelmed with all the unpredictability right now, I like to take a few moments to appreciate this unique experience I’m sharing with my two sons. I get to spend more time than ever with them, helping them with their schoolwork and learning more about them each day we spend together. It’s the bright spot for me and keeps me sane!

-Katrina, Product Manager


I have been picking up the flute again and sitting down to play the piano more often. For me, it’s an instant de-stresser. I play in the evenings to wind down, but also take advantage of playing during my lunch breaks.

– Natalie, Designer


I’ve been knitting while watching Star Trek reruns on Netflix. Taking walks to the park with my dog. Getting all the pet snuggles. I’ve also started taking baths most nights, not to replace showers, but soaking in the hot water for 20 minutes and taking measured, deep breaths helps me let go of some the tension I’ve been holding in my muslces all day.

-Melissa, Content Manager


I’m eating a lot of junk food! But seriously, working from home with a toddler has been super tough. We’ve made adjustments to our schedule to help with flexibility. I get up early so I can get a few hours of work in before my son gets up. This allows us to make time every day for a nice long walk. I find that this has a HUGE impact on both of our attitudes!
-Emilee, Product Manager

FriYAY: Chakra Edition

Plant Therapy Chakra Loving Compassion, True Expression, Joyful Creation

With all the craziness that’s been going on, our chakras could use all the help they can get. If you’re feeling a bit out of balance, reach for one of these Chakra blends to help you find your center. Loving Compassion, Joyful Creation and True Expression each support the heart chakra, sacral chakra, and throat chakras respectively.

And even if chakras aren’t really your thing, you can still make use of these beautifully therapeutic blends. You can enjoy the supportive qualities and pleasant aromas in your day to day life. Plus each of these blends features one of the precious oils more prominently, making them that much more valuable.

Plant Therapy True Expression

True Expression

Our True Expression blend is designed to support your throat chakra with its cooling, fruity, and refreshing aroma, made by the essential oils of Ho WoodLavender FineSpearmint, and Blue Tansy. The throat chakra represents your ability to produce clear and flowing communication with ourselves and others. The energy that flows freely through this narrow passage in our chakra system supports the mind and body link vital to understanding our own needs. Consequently, an unblocked Throat Chakra allows us to speak our minds in ways that are compassionate and proactive.

True Expression is soothing, cooling, and calming to the spirit while nurturing a sense of self-esteem, confidence, and strength. This unique blend helps to release energetic congestion to create a sense of opening and expansion. The oils in this blend help support a calm confidence in your everyday life as well. Both Ho Wood and Lavender Fine are calming and relaxing in times of stress. Spearmint is uplifting and helps to relieve emotional agitation. And finally, Blue Tansy helps boost self-esteem and confidence.

How to Use

To use, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser. Putting a drop or two on a tissue and wafting it away from your nose is another fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this blend. To apply this amazing aroma topically, dilute True Expression to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can also anoint the area of your throat chakra by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.

Some Things to Know

Plant Therapy Loving Compassion

Loving Compassion

Loving Compassion is designed to support your heart chakra with its soothing, softly rosy and green aroma, composed of the essential oils of Grapefruit Pink, RhododendronBergamot, and Rose Otto. The heart chakra represents your ability to give and receive love. Because of this, this chakra can be easily and deeply wounded, greatly affecting our wellbeing. Healing our own hearts allows us to help heal the world around us. When we love ourselves for who we are, we can offer love to others, viewing them with compassion, acceptance, and kindness.

Loving Compassion supports your heart chakra by helping to ease wounds of the heart and nourish the spirit. It helps to clear and cleanse deep wounds and blockages while opening and uplifting the heart center. The comforting, uplifting benefits of this blend are especially beneficial when life has us feeling worn down and weary. Grapefruit Pink offers its bright, sparkly aroma as well as its ability to help lift up your mood. Rhododendron and Rose Otto offer emotional support during times of intense emotion or grief. And Bergamot brings its calming and uplifting nature to this soothing blend.

How to Use

To use this blend, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser. To apply this amazing aroma topically, dilute Loving Compassion to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can anoint the area of your heart chakra, your chest, by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.

Some Things to Know

Plant Therapy Joyful Creation

Joyful Creation

Designed to support your sacral chakra, Joyful Creation has a lushly layered and smooth floral scent that continues to unfold as it reaches the senses. It’s created using the essential oils and extracts of Coriander SeedGeranium BourbonOrange Sweet, and Jasmine Absolute. The sacral chakra represents your ability to experience emotional security, passion, and pleasure in creative expression and connection to others. It’s your center of passion and creative energy that propels you to enjoy doing the things you really love with joy and self-acceptance. When all is well with your sacral chakra, we experience the healthy emotions of pleasure, gratification, intimacy, and desire. These positive feelings stimulate our sense of creativity, connection, growth, and change.

Joyful Creation supports your sacral chakra by nurturing your spontaneity, passion, and expansion in the birth of new concepts. Enliven your senses with harmony, warmth, and enthusiasm in all of your relationships – including the relationship you have with yourself. Having a healthy sacral chakra helps to clear energetic blockages related to relationships and creative expression. Joyful Creation will help you open up this energetic area of your body.

With so much time spent cooped up inside while being bombarded by heavy, stressful news, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos and lose our creativity. Joyful Creation can help bring you back to the place where you can enjoy what you love. Coriander seed helps elevate mood, calms frazzled nerves, and promote mental focus. Geranium also helps balance the mind when you’re agitated. Orange Sweet offers its calming, uplifting benefits. And Jasmine helps create a positive atmosphere. Together, these oils allow you to find your creative spark again.

How to Use

To use this blend, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser.  To apply topically, dilute Joyful Creation to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can anoint the area of your sacral chakra, your lower abdomen, by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.

Some Things to Know

Plant Therapy Chakra Blends

Chakra Balm for Dry Hands

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

In a double boiler, melt beeswax, butters, and carrier oils. Remove from heat and stir in essential oils. Pour into containers and allow to cool. Massage onto dry, cracked or irritated hands.

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