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Essential Oils and Gardening: Natural Tips for Maintaining Your Garden

Calling all gardeners! If you have a full-fledged manicured landscape or a window box with just your favorites, these tips will help you maintain your gorgeous garden naturally.

Weed Killer

Essential Oils and Gardening: Natural Tips for Maintaining Your Garden

Weeds are the worst! Nothing’s more disheartening than seeing those pesky weeds sprouting amongst your plants. Luckily you can swap out your chemical weed killer for essential oils. All you need is Clove Bud! Combine 20 drops of Clove, 20 ounces of vinegar, and a pinch of salt into a spray bottle. Just make sure to shake it up before you spray it on the weeds you want to kill.

But What About the Dandelions?

herbs in clear glass bottles

Now before you spray the Dandelions, there are a few things you should consider. First, they weren’t always considered weeds! In fact, they used to be planted in place of grass in the 1800s. They also have a wide variety of benefits. They are gentle, calming, and have pain relieving qualities that can be beneficial for muscle rubs and over-exertion balms. They’re also vitamin rich, edible and helpful with digestion. One easy way to enjoy Dandelions is with an infusion. For detailed instruction on how to create an infusion, check out this Dandelion Infused Carrier Oil DIY.

Pest Spray

DIY Pest Spray

Unfortunately, pests and other outdoor annoyances can quickly eat through and even kill your plants. Essential oils can be an incredibly useful and natural way to repel pests. Citronella, Lime, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Lavender are all oils you should have on hand to keep pests at bay. Or use Nature Shield in this DIY Pest Spray to keep it simple, non-toxic and natural.

You can also use Tea Tree to help fight any fungus that might be growing on your plants.

Herbal Infusions

Essential Oils and Gardening: Natural Tips for Maintaining Your Garden

In addition to using Dandelions to create infusions, you can also use any herbs you’re growing in your garden! Think Peppermint, Melissa, Chamomile or whatever favorite herb you have on hand. You can also use your choice of carrier oils. The possibilities are endless! One simple method is to do a cold infusion. Add the herbs and oil to a quart size jar and allow to sit in a warm place for approximately 6 weeks. Strain, bottle, and store in a cool dark place until ready for use. If you prefer to have something ready the same day, you can also use the quick heat method. Check out our step by step guide on the process.

Aromatic Gardening

Essential Oils and Gardening: Natural Tips for Maintaining Your Garden

If you love essential oils, chances are you love natural scents. You can enjoy the aroma of some of your favorite essential oils outdoors by selecting your plants for aromatics. Lavender, Basil, Thyme and so many more can be used to create a fragrant, relaxing garden space.

If you like discovering new ways to use your essential oils, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!

Essentials Video: Rosalina Linen Spray

Bright, beautiful summer days deserve a linen spray that is just as fresh and vibrant! This Rosalina Linen Spray is just the thing. Rosalina is well known for its soft, lemony medicinal aroma with just a hint of floral. Even though it’s a refreshing scent, it still helps with calm and relaxation. Kumquat adds fresh, uplifting notes while Chamomile and Ho Wood provide soothing and soft aroma. Once you combine the ingredients, spritz on your linens and enjoy this soothing, summery fragrance.

Essentials Video: Rosalina Linen Spray

Rosalina Linen Spray

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix water and Everclear in 2 oz bottle. Add each essential oil. Shake vigorously to blend.

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4 Ways to Use Rosalina: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

4 Ways to Use Rosalina: Our Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Latin name: Melaleuca ericifolia

Aroma Description: Soft, lemony, medicinal and floral scent

Therapeutic benefits

  • Excellent for supporting the respiratory system and helping clear up congestion.
  • Can help relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  • Helps support the immune system.
  • Has many similar therapeutic benefits as Eucalyptus, but is safe for kids and nursing mothers.


Yes! Rosalina IS KidSafe.

Dilution instructions:

Dilute to 2-4% in your favorite carrier oil for topical application. It works well as a chest rub to help ease respiratory congestion.

Diffusion instructions:

Diffuse 2 drops each Rosalina, Lemon, and Lavender for an immune boosting blend.

Oils to blend with:

Blue Tansy, Citronella, Cypress, Fir Needle, Geranium Egyptian, Grapefruit Pink, Lavender, Lemon, Palmarosa, and Tea Tree.

Check out all our other essential oil spotlight blog posts by heading to our Spotlight Page!

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Immune Support

woman sick while working at the office

One of the best ways to use Rosalina is for its immune boosting benefits. This is because of its high Linalool content. So if it’s that time of year where bugs are going around the office and school, add a few drops to your diffuser. If you plan on diffusing all day, we recommend diffusing 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

Because it helps stimulate the immune system, this oil is one to avoid for those with autoimmune disorders.

Respiratory Issues

woman breathing outside

Another one of Rosalina’s most popular uses is to help the respiratory system. Whether it’s allergies or seasonal sickness, diffuse this to help with breathing. If you’re feeling especially congested, whip up this DIY Vapor Rub to ease breathing when you need it most.

DIY Vapor Rub

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:

Over a double boiler melt together the beeswax and coconut oil. Remove from heat and quickly stir in your essential oils. Pour into tins and allow to cool fully. This has a shelf life of 1 year when stored in a cool and dark place.

Allergy Season

woman blowing a dandelion

During pollen season, you’ll want this oil on hand. It helps relieve the symptoms of allergies and helps with breathing. Diffuse on an intermittent setting or use with a personal inhaler to get on-the-go relief.

Safe for the Kiddos

woman comforting her sick child

And if you need another reason to add this oil to your collection, it is gentle and safe. If you love using Eucalyptus on yourself, swap with Rosalina for use on your kiddos and enjoy many of the same therapeutic benefits!

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DIY All Natural Shaving Oil for Silky, Summer-Ready Legs

DIY All Natural Shaving Oil for Silky, Summer-Ready Legs

With summer almost here, it’s time to show off those legs! But first, we have to make sure they’re sundress, shorts, and bikini ready. Whether you’ve been doing upkeep all winter or went into full sasquatch mode, we’ve got DIYs you need to make sure you get a close, smooth shave that’s ready for your favorite summer outfits.

Start with a Scrub

Plant Therapy Sugar Scrub

One of the most important steps in getting a good shave is to use a good scrub first. It helps remove the dead skin cells, which in turn allows you to get a closer shave. Even better, regularly using a scrub helps prevent ingrown hairs. We have a few different DIY recipes you try, it all depends on what you like! Try the Lime Sugar Scrub for a great citrus aroma or make the Coffee Scrub Bars for an invigorating experience. Another option would be the Sand and Sea Body Scrub.

Shave with an All Natural Shaving Oil

woman shaving her legs

As tempting as it is to just shave with soap and be done with it, resist the urge! Soap residue can dull your razor which means you might end up with nicks, razor burn or stubbly patches. An easy way to remedy this is with the All Natural Shaving Oil. It provides moisturization and helps the razor glide over your skin. Even better, unlike with shaving cream, the ingredients are natural. And you can better see what you are doing, which means a less chance of missed patches. Plus, Lavender, Rose and Bergamot are all excellent for the skin and smell amazing.

Silky Summer Legs Shaving Oil

Silky Summer Legs Shaving Oil

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix your carrier oils and essential oils in a small bowl. Apply to wet legs, and shave as usual.

Soothe Any Razorburn

For those with sensitive skin or thicker hair, razor burn can feel unavoidable, no matter what you do. Luckily, Lavender Hydrosol can be incredibly soothing on irritated skin. After shaving, spritz on your legs to help ease the burning and promote healing.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

woman moisturizing her legs

And lastly, keep your legs soft and glowing with the right moisturizer. Plant Therapy has several great lotions and creams for whatever your skin needs. Olive Lotion has a rich, silky texture that good for all skin types, including dry skin. Since it is an unscented base, you can customize it with your favorite essential oils. Or use Evening Primrose Cream, with the benefits of Vitamins A and E, to help with dry or sensitive skin.

If you like discovering new DIYs, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!

Essential Oils for Summer: Cut Chemicals Out of Your Summer Vacay

Hands up if you’re already planning your summer vacay! After all, it is one of the best parts of summer. It’s the chance to enjoy life, the summer sun and just get away for a bit. No matter what kind of vacation you have planned, we’ve got some amazing tips to help you cut the chemicals, enjoy your essential oils and have an amazing vacation.

All About That Beach

family vacation at the beach

Sun, sand and surf. What could be better? If you’re headed to the beach this summer, there are definitely a few things you’ll want to have on hand.

Lavender Aloe Jelly

We’ve all been burnt by the sun. If you forgot to reapply sunscreen or maybe just missed a spot, keep the Lavender Aloe Jelly nearby. Not only does the Aloe help soothe your red and tender skin, but Lavender essential oil is known for its ability to revitalize and soothe skin, including sunburns and minor cooking burns.

Peppermint Hydrosol

As beautiful as the beaches can be, they can also be… well… hot. An easy and convenient way to cool yourself down is with a hydrosol. Just spritz over your body for a light, cooling mist. Plus, you can choose from a few varieties. Peppermint would be perfect since it has cooling properties. Or use Chamomile or Lavender for their relaxing benefits. You can’t go wrong!

The Balm Squad

Whether it’s the sun or sand, it’s no fun to have dried out skin. Use the Organic Healing Balm to help with dry patches, irritated skin or even minor cuts and bruises.

Happiest Place On Earth

friends having fun at a carnival

Theme parks can be such a fun and incredible experience. Whether you’re going to take a picture with your favorite character, ride the biggest roller coaster or do everything you possibly can, it’s sure to be a blast of a summer vacay. Check out of a few of our most useful products.


Running around a busy theme park can be fun. But with a lot of people around, you’ll want to make sure you stay protected from seasonal illnesses. Our newest blend, Defender is an ideal choice to use as DIY hand sanitizer with our Aloe Jelly. Plus it’s safe to use on your kiddos!


If you start out great in the morning but feel yourself flagging by the afternoon, a personal inhaler might be just thing! It’s an easy and portable way to enjoy your favorite oils. Plus, our Energy blend is designed to give you a boost when you feel your energy drop. It combines the uplifting aromas of Blood Orange, Peppermint, Lemon and more.

Muscle Aloe Jelly

If your muscles start protesting after a long day on your feet, not to worry. Our Muscle Aloe Jelly combines powerful essential oils like Sweet Basil, Black Pepper, and Chamomile to help provide an icy-hot sensation that will help bring relief to achy muscles.

The Great Outdoors

couple enjoying a camping trip

Prefer nature to a resort? Who can blame you! Sometimes it’s good to get away from technology and enjoy the mountains, rivers, lakes, and woods. But spending time outside comes with issues of its own.

Shield Me or Nature Shield

Help keep bugs at bay with Nature Shield (for adults) or use Shield Me on the whole family. When combined with a carrier (Aloe Jelly, lotion, or even in a spray), these blends will help keep the outdoor annoyances away. Check out this simple recipe for a DIY Outdoor Spray!

Lavender Hydrosol

A nice hike can sometimes result in a little too much sun. Use a Lavender Hydrosol to help soothe the skin and cool you down. And if you find yourself on a longer camping trip, a good deodorizer is a must have. Spray this on your clothing or sleeping bag to help keep things smelling fresh.

Blue Cypress

Bug bites happen. And itching is a surefire way to put a damper on your trip. Blue Cypress is a fantastic option to help soothe the itching. Just whip up this DIY before you head out!

Did Someone Say… Road Trip!

children on a road trip

A road trip is an amazing way to see the country and take the road less traveled. No matter where the road takes you, you’ll definitely want these with you.


One of the most unpleasant things to have to happen on the road is motion sickness. It can make the whole trip unbearable. Luckily, Peppermint essential oil is an excellent remedy for this. Use passive diffusion while you drive or use in a carrier oil and massage onto your abdomen.

Tummy All Better or DiGiZen

There’s not always enough time for healthy eating on the road. And eating food our stomachs aren’t used to can lead to digestive upset. If you’re looking for a KidSafe option, dilute Tummy All Better to 2-3% in a carrier oil and apply to the tummy. Adults can use DiGiZen in a similar manner to help relieve stomach issues.

Nighty Night

So many people have a hard time sleeping in strange places. If you or your family has a hard time relaxing in a new hotel room, use Nighty Night to promote overall relaxation and help everyone unwind after a long day on the road.

If you love finding more ways to use essential oils and cut chemicals from your life, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook group.

The 3 Sprays Every Dog Owner Needs in Their Cabinet

The 3 Sprays Every Dog Owner Needs in Their Cabinet

Calling all animal lovers! We get it, your fur baby is part of the family! And you want to give them the best love and attention you possibly can. That includes when you use essential oils. We have three sprays that are essential for any dog owner. Keep reading to find out what they are and why you need them.

New to essential oils and pets? Check out this post to learn more about our new Pup & Pony line and how to start safely using essential oils around our pets.

The 3 Sprays Every Dog Owner Needs in Their Cabinet

Hydrosol Deodorizer

Now, this might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your fur babies, but hydrosols really are the hidden gems of the essential oil world! Hydrosols are gentler than essential oils and are safe to use on skin and your doggos. In addition to benefiting from the therapeutic properties of certain essential oils, they can also be incredibly useful as a deodorizer. So if your pup’s bed, crate or favorite toy has that stubborn “dog smell”, whip up this DIY and spray directly on the linens for a deodorizing effect. It’s even safe enough to spray directly on your pet!

What you’ll need:

2 ounces Rose Hydrosol
2 ounces Lavender Hydrosol
1 tsp baking soda

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What you’ll do:

Add ingredients to an empty 4 ounce bottle. Shake well. Spray directly on your pup or their bedding.

Woman holding up her pet dog

Show Ready All Purpose Cleaner

For those of you that use essential oils to clean, you know just how amazing it is! However, not all essential oils are safe to use around our dogs. We’ve created an All Purpose Cleaner that you can use with confidence around your precious pups. It uses the new Show Ready blend, which was created to help support the immune system and overall health of your dog in order to protect them from illnesses. That makes it an ideal choice for this cleaning DIY.

What you’ll need:

5 oz Water
3 oz White Vinegar
1 tsp Dish Soap
12 drops Show Ready
8 oz spray bottle

What you’ll do:

Add essential oils to dish soap and mix well. Combine all ingredients in the bottle and shake well to mix. Spray surfaces and wipe off to clean. This product should be stored in the fridge and used within a week or add a preservative.

Dog sleeping on its bed

Confident K9 Linen Spray

This spray uses one of our brand new Pup & Pony blends! Confident K9 was specifically created to help with dogs who struggle with being alone. It promotes relaxation, supports confidence, and soothes worry so they can relax when their favorite person is away. Before using this linen spray, make sure you’ve properly introduced your pup to essential oils and they have a positive association with these blends. Then you know you can safely use this spray while you are away. Also, the Everclear acts as an emulsifier in this recipe. It evaporates quickly, making it safe to use around pets. Just be sure to leave time for the spray to dry before bedtime.

DIY Confident K9 Linen Spray

What you’ll need:

  • 18-36 drops of Confident K9
  • 1.5 ounces of water
  • .5 ounces of Everclear
  • Empty spray bottle

What you’ll do:

  1. Measure out water and Everclear in separate measuring cups.
  2. Mix essential oils into Everclear and then add water in slowly.
  3. Pour into an empty spray bottle.
  4. Spray dogs bed or horses linens lightly and allow to dry.

*If you do not want to use Everclear, then an emulsifier and preservative would be necessary. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Loving the new Pup & Pony line? Be sure to follow our Instagram for the latest news on new products.

Set the Mood for the Game of Thrones Finale with these Diffuser Blends

It’s been eight seasons of blood, sweat, and tears. You’ve watched your favorite characters die and some truly villainous ones stick around. The battle for Winterfell is over.  And now the fate of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance. But it’s finally here. The end we’ve all been waiting for. So whether you’re hosting a viewing party with your BFFs or watching the finale by yourself, use these amazing diffuser blends to set the mood as you discover who will finally win the Game of Thrones.

Daenerys Stormborn

What is there left to say? It’s all in her name.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Diffuser Blend

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*Pink Berries CO2 was an Oil of the Month selection. Substitute with Black Pepper if you do not have Pink Berries.

Battle of Winterfell

The moment that had us on the edge of our seats. However, the battle is now over. If you crave the scents of the north, diffuse this blend to be transported to Winterfell, the home of the Starks, while the perilous battle rages on.

Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell Diffuser Blend

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The Three-Eyed Raven

Who could have predicted the importance of the Three-Eyed Raven? Eight seasons later and we’re still in awe of/confused by Bran and his supernatural abilities.

Game of Thrones Three Eyed Raven Diffuser Blend

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A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion. Characters we hate to love and love to hate and so many things in between. This blend captures the complexities of one of the most notorious families in the Game of Thrones.

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My Favorite Show is Over Therapy Blend

So Game of Thrones is over. Now what? Well, you could try to fill the void with your next Netflix binge. Or instead, use this blend of Chamomile, Tangerine, and Elemi to create a light, refreshing, calming aroma while you mourn the loss of your favorite show.

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If you like sharing your favorite blends and DIYs, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!

Essentials Video: Reed Diffuser Blend

Are you looking for a fun and decorative way to enjoy your essential oils? A Reed Diffuser might be just the thing! Start by finding a jar or vase with a narrow opening. Then, add your blend of essential oils, vodka and fractionated coconut oil. Insert your reeds and enjoy passive diffusion! This blend combines the citrusy and soothing Yuzu with the complex herbaceous and floral Lavender Fine. Lastly, it adds the relaxing notes of Catnip with the fresh minty aroma of Peppermint.

Essentials Video: Reed Diffuser Blend

Reed Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Add Fractionated Coconut Oil, vodka, and essential oils to a glass measuring cup. Stir with one of the reed diffuser sticks until it is well blended. Pour into a vase and insert the reeds.

*We are currently sold out of Yuzu. If you don’t have it on hand, you can substitute it with Bergamot for a similar light, citrus aroma.

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Why You Need to Wear Lip Balm this Summer

Have you heard the amazing news?! The new Natural Lip Balm Trio is here! It includes three delicious flavors: Citrus Splash, Orangesicle, and Peppermint Bliss. Each balm is full of skin-nourishing ingredients like Shea and Meadowfoam. They’re a fantastic and natural way to keep your lips soft and smooth. Before you know it, these balms will find a permanent place in your handbag. Let’s take a look at why these lip balms are your new best friend.


The skin on our lips is some of the most delicate on our bodies. It’s important to give them the same care and attention that we show the rest of our face. Use these Lip Balms to make sure your lips stay moisturized. This, in turn, will help keep the delicate skin smooth and nourished.

Natural Lip Balm Trio


Summer can be especially hard on our lips. The heat can dry them out leaving them dry, chapped and peeling. Even if we try to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, our lips still need help sometimes. Reach for Lip Balm to keep that pout looking fabulous and ready for the summer nights.

And for those of you ladies who love wearing makeup, you know just how much dry lips can ruin the look of your lipstick. Apply a little balm beforehand to make sure your lips don’t get dried out. This is especially good for those matte lipsticks.

Natural Ingredients

And one of the best reasons to love the Lip Balm Trio? They’re natural. You won’t have to worry about slathering your lips in ingredients you can’t read. Plus the delightful scent comes from essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. What’s not to love?!

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To stay up to date on the latest products, be sure to follow Plant Therapy on Instagram!

4 Ways to Use Catnip: Our Spotlight Essential Oil of the Week

4 Ways to Use Catnip: Our Spotlight Essential Oil of the Week


Latin name: Nepeta cataria

Aroma Description: Herbaceous-floral scent

Therapeutic benefits

  • Can help promote a restful night’s sleep and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • When combined with Citronella, it helps keep outdoor annoyances at bay.
  • Helps relieve muscle and head tension when applied topically.
  • Useful for relieving discomfort due to gas.


Yes! Catnip IS KidSafe.

4 Ways to Use Catnip: Our Spotlight Essential Oil of the Week

Dilution instructions:

Dilute to 1-3% in your favorite carrier oil for topical application. Use to help ease headache tension.

Diffusion instructions:

To create a relaxing environment, add a few drops to your diffuser.

Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Citronella, Clary Sage, Helichrysum Italicum, Lavender, Lemon, Rosalina, Sandalwood Australian and Turmeric CO2.

Check out all our other essential oil spotlight blog posts by heading to our Spotlight Page!

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Catnip plant

Before we get to all the good stuff about Catnip essential oil, there’s one very important thing we need to address. And that’s our kitties.

Since catnip treats and toys can provide such enjoyment (for them and us), you might find yourself tempted to use this oil with your cat. But don’t. This essential oil is for humans only. And if you want to learn more about essential oils and cats, check out this blog post.

Relaxation & sleep

woman relaxing

Catnip probably isn’t the first oil you think of when it comes to relaxation. But it shouldn’t be overlooked! This herbaceous floral smelling oil is excellent for creating a relaxing, soothing atmosphere. And if you find yourself having a hard time getting to sleep due to stress or anxiety, diffuse with other relaxing oils like Sandalwood and Lavender for a great sleepy blend.

Outdoor spray

outdoor spray

Now that the summer is upon us, we’re spending so much more time outside. And with the great outdoors comes bugs. For a natural way to help keep outdoor annoyances away, keep Catnip on hand. Mix with equal parts of Citronella to 3% in you for a favorite carrier oil. If you prefer a spray, you can use water and Everclear or a high proof vodka. Just make sure the alcohol is at least 20% of your mixture.

Help relieve tension

Woman sitting at her desk stressed out

Whenever you feel a tension headache coming on, reach for Catnip. Once you’ve diluted it in your favorite carrier oil, massage onto your temples. It will help soothe the headache and relieve the tension. And since it’s also good at helping with overall relaxation, it might even help with the stress or anxiety that caused the headache in the first place.

Gas & discomfort

Vanilla Oleoresin can support stomach discomfort

Gas is something we all experience from time to time. And quite frankly, it can be uncomfortable (not to mention embarrassing). If you find yourself feeling bloated and wishing the waistband on your pants were just a little bigger, massage diluted Catnip onto your abdomen in a clockwise manner to help with the discomfort.

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Get 15% off Catnip Essential Oil today with coupon code SPOTLIGHT47!

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