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Summer Hair Don't Care: Essential Oils & Your Shampoo Free Hair
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

Summer Hair Don’t Care: Essential Oils & Your Shampoo Free Hair

In case you haven't noticed, the "no 'poo" lifestyle is gaining momentum and getting more and more popular. Chances are ... Read More
Woman reading on the beach
Body & Skin Care

Everything You Need to Naturally Survive the Beach

The sun on your face, sand between your toes... what could better! If you're headed to the beach this summer ... Read More
DIY All Natural Shaving Oil for Silky, Summer-Ready Legs
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

DIY All Natural Shaving Oil for Silky, Summer-Ready Legs

With summer almost here, it's time to show off those legs! But first, we have to make sure they're sundress, ... Read More
plant therapy coupon code FAQ
Body & Skin Care

Why You Need to Wear Lip Balm this Summer

Have you heard the amazing news?! The new Natural Lip Balm Trio is here! It includes three delicious flavors: Citrus ... Read More
Aloe jellies
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

Aloe Jellies: Why They’re Your New Best Friend

If you haven't tried one of our Aloe Jellies yet, you're missing out! Not only are they another amazing way ... Read More
Natural beauty

What We’re Teaching Our Daughters About Natural Beauty

Obviously, not all of us at Plant Therapy are moms. But we all have moms! And we've all learned a ... Read More
carrier oils
Body & Skin Care

Testing Carrier Oils: FAMEs Analysis and What it Means for You

Why test our carrier oils? The short explanation? Because we care! But you’re not here for the short explanation, so ... Read More
Natural Body Scrub DIY
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

Make Your Own Natural Sugar Scrub

It's day 1 of Earth week, and want to save money, time driving, and energy? We've talked about why sustainability ... Read More
Get Festival Ready with Plant Therapy essential oils
Body & Skin Care

Get Festival Ready Naturally With Essential Oils

It's finally festival season, and we're here for it! If you're excited about sun-drenched fun, amazing music, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, ... Read More
The original organic healing balm plant therapy
Body & Skin Care

How We Use Our Healing Balm

Our Healing Balm is The Bomb. (Like, literally, it's now part of our Balm Squad!) It’s nourishing, so soft and ... Read More
Skin Care for Men and Essential Oils
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

Skin Care for Men and Essential Oils

When it comes to skincare, so often it feels like it's directed towards women. Sure, men get shaving products, but ... Read More
child with cream on her itchy arm
Body & Skin Care

The Best Products for Itchy Skin

When you have an itch, nothing else matters. That itch must be scratched. Immediately. Sure, you can try to will ... Read More