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Essential Oil DIYs

Sunshine Summer Slime

Sunshine Summer Slime DIY

This summer is all about laying back, soaking in the beautiful sunshine, and enjoying everything summer has to offer. For ... Read More
Summer cocktail diffuser blends

Summer Cocktail Diffuser Blends

It's time to celebrate all things summer, sun and fun with these totally energizing and uplifting cocktail diffuser blends! Plus ... Read More
Smooth and Shine Hair Serum DIY

Smooth & Shine Hair Serum DIY

As amazing as the summer sun is, it's not always the kindest to our hair. The sun, time in the ... Read More
What's the deal with Polysorbate?

What’s the Deal with Polysorbate?

When you come to Plant Therapy, we know you are coming for trustworthy and informative information and DIYs. While searching ... Read More
Get Your Feet Off the Dash Wipes and Other DIYs for Dads

Get Your Feet Off the Dash Wipes & Other DIYs for Dads

Dads. They are there for us. And whether they’re strong and silent, or talkative and charismatic, dads have good advice ... Read More
Summertime Set Mason Jar Lamp DIY

Summertime Mason Jar Lamps DIY

Finally, it’s summertime. And that means it is time to get outside and enjoy the fresh summer breeze. A lot ... Read More
Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub & Dry Shampoo

DIY Pink Grapefruit Scalp Scrub & Dry Shampoo

It's no secret that we want our hair to be fab-u-lous. We invest goodness knows how much money on shampoos, ... Read More
Death Star Bath Bomb

Star Wars Day: DIY Death Star Bath Bombs

Happy Star Wars Day! Last year, we had such fun creating diffuser blends from across the galaxy to transport you ... Read More
Plant Therapy DIY Cabinet

The Top 12 Essentials for Your DIY Cabinet

Beyond essential oils, have you ever wondered what other essentials you should keep in your DIY cabinet? Don't worry, the ... Read More
DIY Scented Sidewalk Chalk

DIY Scented Sidewalk Chalk

We've been trying to come up with ideas for arts, crafts, games, and hobbies to keep the kids entertained while ... Read More
forest fresh cleaning spray and window cleaner diy
DIYs, Household

DIY Forest Fresh Cleaning Spray and Window Cleaner

Our aromatherapist working on this DIY wanted to call these our, "[email protected]& Cleaning Sprays". We decided maybe we should be ... Read More
How to Keep Busy

How to DIY Like a Pro and Other Ways to Keep Busy

So you're stuck at home... now what? For some people, it means juggling Zoom meetings while making sure the kids ... Read More