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Kidsafe essential oil roll-on plant therapy essential oils aromatherapy
Essential Oil 101

What does KidSafe® REALLY mean?

Almost 4 years ago, we launched our KidSafe® line of synergies to help empower families to choose essential oils they ... Read More
Jack Pine leaves
Essential Oil 101


Botanical Name:  Pinus banksiana Country of Origin:  Canada Extraction Method: Steam distilled Shelf Life:  2-3 years   Plant Part:  Branches/needles ... Read More
Woman and children surrounding a diffuser
Essential Oil 101

Essential Oil Emergency! What Now?

Emergencies can happen, even to the most prepared person. When dealing with essential oils, there are a few things to keep ... Read More
Display of Plant Therapy's KidSafe essential oil products
Essential Oil 101

Classroom Diffusing

On the surface, the act of diffusing in the classroom sounds like a great idea, until you take a closer ... Read More
Vanilla Botanical Extract Various Sizes
DIYs, Essential Oil 101

Vibrant Vanilla!

Most of us instantly recognize the scent of Vanilla. Reminiscent of baked goods and desserts, Vanilla is a notably sweet ... Read More
Woman adding grapefruit to the diffuser
Essential Oil 101

Topical Application vs. Inhalation: How to Choose

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils to live life-- the natural way. We are often asked, "How do ... Read More
Choosing Carrier Oils
Body & Skin Care, Essential Oil 101

Confused by Carrier Oil Choices?

People often ask me, "Which carrier is best for _______?" To help you navigate the benefits of these amazing carrier ... Read More
Ginger Root CO2 Extract Essential Oil
Essential Oil 101

CO2 Extracts—What’s All the Buzz About?

Lately, it seems that "CO2 extracts" are being mentioned on almost every aromatherapy page. What are CO2 extracts? How are ... Read More
Plant Therapy Essential Oil Dilution Chart
Essential Oil 101

Comprehensive Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Confused about how to dilute essential oils for ultimate safety and efficacy? Then you'll want to keep this essential oils ... Read More
How to Smell with Your Brain, Not Your Nose
Essential Oil 101

How to Smell with Your Brain, Not Your Nose

Ready to smell with your brain? You might also be asking, what does this necessarily mean? Today we have an ... Read More
Woman holding lemon essential oil
Essential Oil 101

What Does Maximum Dilution Mean?

There are a few ways to make the best of essential oil use. One of the ways is we often ... Read More
It's Pollen Season, Part 3: 7 Ways to Help with Allergy Symptoms

It’s Pollen Season, Part 3: 7 Ways to Help with Allergy Symptoms

Welcome back to our seasonal pollen series. In Part 1, we talked about how allergies happen. In Part 2, we discussed ... Read More