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Essential Oil 101 Posts

Plant Therapy Essential Oil Dilution Chart
Essential Oil 101

Comprehensive Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Confused about how to dilute essential oils for ultimate safety and efficacy? Then you'll want to keep this essential oils ... Read More
How to Smell with Your Brain, Not Your Nose
Essential Oil 101

How to Smell with Your Brain, Not Your Nose

Ready to smell with your brain? You might also be asking, what does this necessarily mean? Today we have an ... Read More
Woman holding lemon essential oil
Essential Oil 101

What Does Maximum Dilution Mean?

There are a few ways to make the best of essential oil use. One of the ways is we often ... Read More
It's Pollen Season, Part 3: 7 Ways to Help with Allergy Symptoms

It’s Pollen Season, Part 3: 7 Ways to Help with Allergy Symptoms

Welcome back to our seasonal pollen series. In Part 1, we talked about how allergies happen. In Part 2, we discussed ... Read More
Word of the Week: Cephalic
Essential Oil 101

Word of the Week: Cephalic

Word of the Week - Cephalic Now, here are the essential oils that fall into this category! To use, add ... Read More
A group of Essential Oils

Is There Anything Essential Oils Can’t Do?

Essential oils are so amazing, and in recent years have caused quite the trend in natural personal care. Empowering families ... Read More
Plant Therapy 100% pure essential oils logo

Hydrosols 101

What is a Hydrosol? Very simply, a hydrosol is the water that is distilled with an essential oil. When the ... Read More
Feature Friday: Clove
Essential Oil 101

Feature Friday: Clove

A rich, spicy aroma, which is sure to create a warming and inviting atmosphere in your home, Clove Bud possesses ... Read More
Woman sitting on her couch reading

Essential Oils and Autoimmune Disease

What is an autoimmune disease? We hear this word so often as part of our current culture. I began to ... Read More
essential oils and pregnancy

Essential Oils Practices for Labor

Using essential oils during labor is a very personal decision. There are so many factors that effect what will happen ... Read More
Scientist with plants and beakers
Essential Oil 101

Chemical Families in Essential Oils

Organic Chemistry... No, don't run! It's ok! Don't let your eyes glaze over quite yet. I am going to try ... Read More
ylang ylang distillery for essential oil extraction
Essential Oil 101

Essential Oil Extraction 101

Extraction refers to how the essential oil is removed from the plant material and made available for use. There are ... Read More