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Essential Oil 101 Posts

dill weed rosemary sweet orange cinnamon leaf essential oils
DIYs, Essential Oil 101

Feature Friday: Rosemary Essential Oil

A lovely herb used often in french cooking, Rosemary's aromatic, warm scent is perfect paired for poultry. Other than its ... Read More
What is Sensitization?
Essential Oil 101

What is Sensitization?

We throw around this big word a lot: Sensitization. We get asked a lot what this means, so here's a ... Read More
Woman smelling from an EO bottle

Do You Have Empty Bottles?

Do you have a bunch of empty essential oil bottles sitting around? We may or may not be guilty of ... Read More
sweet orange, frankicense, clove, fir needle essential oil
Essential Oil 101

Feature Friday: Fir Needle

Despite what you might think, Fir Needle represents a lot more than Christmas trees and wintertime. This beautiful, uplifting essential ... Read More
Picture of different fowers and herbs on a table
Essential Oil 101

Feature Friday: Palmarosa Essential Oil

This week's featured oil is Palmarosa. This grassy plant is related to Lemongrass and Citronella! Join me in taking a ... Read More
Pine Scots, Sandalwood Australian and Buddha Wood: Chemotypes
Essential Oil 101

Importance of the Latin Name and Chemotypes

A Latin name consists of the Genus and species of a plant and are listed like this; Genus species. This ... Read More
Brain Aid Hocus Focus Lemon essential oils
Essential Oil 101

15 Things You Should Know About Essential Oils

Strap in, we're here to give you a crash course on all things essential oils! Whether you're just getting started ... Read More
Plant Therapy Carrier Oils

What is a Carrier Oil?

CARRIER OIL -We use these words a lot but not everyone knows what a carrier oil is. Carrier oils are ... Read More
Plant Therapy KidSafe Knockin' Noggin Essential Oil Blend
Essential Oil 101

Where to Apply Essential Oils On the Body

When it comes to essential oils the saying "I'd rather be safe than sorry" should be taken seriously. Essential oils ... Read More