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Essential Oils for Household Use

Ask an aromatherapist plant therapy essential oil

Ask Our Aromatherapists: Spring Cleaning, #tidyingup, & Allergies

Welcome to our series for Plant Therapy blog: Ask our Plant Therapy Certified Aromatherapists! Where you ask, and we answer ... Read More
Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Three More Six-Oils Sets You Need this Spring

People might tell you that you don't need any more essential oils. Those people are wrong, and you don't need ... Read More
Reed diffuser being used in home

Essential Oils and How They Support Green, Non-Toxic Living

Our beautiful planet Earth is a living, breathing, precious environment. I’m sure we can all agree that whatever little individual ... Read More
Hand cleaning a counter using a spray bottle

Spring Cleaning with Our Deodorizing Blend

Spring is upon us! It’s time to open the windows, shake out the dust accumulating in the corners, and make ... Read More
Plant Therapy NovaFuse diffuser on a table

Candles vs Diffusion: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to filling your home with fragrance, candles have been the go-to for quite a while now. With ... Read More
The 3 Rooms in Your Home Where You Need a Diffuser

The 3 Rooms in Your Home Where You Need a Diffuser

We all know those people. The ones who have a diffuser in every room of the house. No judgment here! ... Read More
Lady walking through the airport with a suitcase

Traveling with Essential Oils: Everything You Need to Know

Spring Break is the perfect time of the year to bond with your family, recharge your spirit, and shake off ... Read More
Tidying Up with Essential Oils: #konmarimethod

Tidying Up with Essential Oils: #konmarimethod

It's official, Marie Kondo is taking the world by storm. Maybe you first picked up her book a couple years ... Read More
Plant Therapy Essential oils for cleaning

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils: A Complete Guide

There’s nothing quite like the feel of warm spring air. Fresh and clean, it inspires us to open the windows ... Read More
Plant Therapy's cleaning set saves 25%

Get to Know Our Cleaning Set

A healthy home is a happy home! And a great way to keep the whole family strong is to use ... Read More
DIY essential oil cleaners
DIYs, Household

How to Save Money Using Essential Oils

Whether you’re saving up for a fun family vacation, working hard to lower your credit card payments, or just want ... Read More
Plant Therapy new Ultafuse and Novafuse diffusers on a table

TWO New Diffusers for the Holidays + Let it Snow DIY Diffuser Blend

Our 25 Days of Christmas has just barely begun, and all of us here at Plant Therapy is working extra ... Read More