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Naturally Blended

Essential Oils for Household Use

New Linen & Room Sprays + Tips for Fresh Linens

New Linen & Room Sprays + Tips for Fresh Linens

Let’s talk linen and room sprays! There’s nothing better than flopping onto a fluffy bed and deeply inhaling the soft scent of freshly washed linens or stepping into your living room and breathing a subtle, pleasant aroma. Whether there's a soft lavender, bright citrus, or a warm woodsy smell, it’s an extra added touch that makes your bedroom (or any room) feel cozy and magical. That’s why Plant Therapy has been hard at work formulating our new Linen and Room Sprays. With these sprays, your whole house can smell freshly washed, all the time!  Eucalyptus Mint & Pear Blossom Linen ...
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