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How to make a compress
DIYs, Self Care & Wellness

How to Make a Compress!

Ever wondered what it means to make a compress? This is a technique that is truly a lost art for many ... Read More
You Give Me Fever!
Self Care & Wellness

You Give Me Fever!

In today's post from The Bridge we'll discuss the genesis of fever and the role it plays in helping the ... Read More
It's Pollen Season, Part 3: 7 Ways to Help with Allergy Symptoms

It’s Pollen Season, Part 3: 7 Ways to Help with Allergy Symptoms

Welcome back to our seasonal pollen series. In Part 1, we talked about how allergies happen. In Part 2, we discussed ... Read More
It's Pollen Season, Part 2
Self Care & Wellness

It’s Pollen Season, Part 2

Last time we discussed how and why seasonal allergies make us sniffle, snort, and in general be miserable. In today's ... Read More
It's Pollen Season, Part 1
Self Care & Wellness

It’s Pollen Season, Part 1

Update: It's Pollen Season Part II and It's Pollen Season Part III It's that time of year again - pollen ... Read More
A group of Essential Oils

Is There Anything Essential Oils Can’t Do?

Essential oils are so amazing, and in recent years have caused quite the trend in natural personal care. Empowering families ... Read More
DETOX: Myth or Reality?
Self Care & Wellness

DETOX: Myth or Reality?

While we are still fresh in the New Year - many people make decisions to be more healthy. For you ... Read More
Plant Therapy 100% pure essential oils logo
Self Care & Wellness

Magnesium: What is all the hype?

What is magnesium? Magnesium is an essential mineral that our bodies need to function properly. Magnesium can be found in ... Read More
Woman sitting on her couch reading

Essential Oils and Autoimmune Disease

What is an autoimmune disease? We hear this word so often as part of our current culture. I began to ... Read More
Women's Health Concerns
DIYs, Self Care & Wellness

Women’s Health Concerns

There are so many aspects to this subject. As a follow up to the pregnancy & labor article from last ... Read More
essential oils and pregnancy

Essential Oils Practices for Labor

Using essential oils during labor is a very personal decision. There are so many factors that effect what will happen ... Read More
Homework Helper!
Self Care & Wellness

Homework Helper!

The kids are back in school! Ready for a homework helper? Now we get to spend hours & hours doing ... Read More