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Self Care & Wellness Posts

CBD bundles
Self Care & Wellness

Gifting CBD: How to Choose a Product and Strength

CBD - everyone is curious about it. It's been all over the news, and of course, that means it's going ... Read More
How to Manage Stress Through the Holidays
Self Care & Wellness

How to Manage Stress Through the Holidays

Let's talk about holiday stress! The holidays can be a special and magical time for so many families. But it ... Read More
Plant Therapy Benefits of CBD
Self Care & Wellness

The Benefits of CBD

CBD is one of the most popular products in the natural health industry right now... and for good reason! The ... Read More
CBD Plant Therapy tinctures and balm
Self Care & Wellness

Topical vs. Ingesting CBD: What’s Right for You

CBD is one of the most popular products in the natural health sphere right now, and it's getting a lot ... Read More
CBD balm
Self Care & Wellness

How to Use Topical CBD

Topical CBD! One of the most popular products on the market and one of the newest trending products for supporting ... Read More
Self Care & Wellness

Mindful Living: Thankfulness

Gratitude. Thankfulness. We all know what those words mean, but how often do we really think about how gratitude affects ... Read More
Essential oil bottle with dropper and green leaf
Self Care & Wellness

The Top 6 CBD Questions: Answered

Since launching our new CBD line, we've been doing our very best to provide continuing education for our customers as ... Read More
Time to Say Goodbye to Evoke Natural Scents
Self Care & Wellness

Time to Say Goodbye to Evoke Natural Scents

Over the past year, we've introduced nine Evoke natural scents. Each one created for their unique, complex aromas and ability ... Read More
Woman relaxing at home
Self Care & Wellness

How to Start Using CBD: A Beginner’s Guide

You've bought your first bottle of CBD, you're excited about the potential health benefits, and you're ready to try CBD ... Read More
essential oils and natural living

Ask Our Experts: Natural Living

We all love essential oils, that goes without saying. Essential oils let you naturally support your health, both mental and ... Read More
Older woman riding bike happily outdoors with pink roses in the background
Self Care & Wellness

Mark your Calendars for International Day of the Elderly – October 1!

You might not know it, but tomorrow is International Day of Elderly! But what does that mean, and why do ... Read More
An open notebook with pink roses and feminine decor
Self Care & Wellness

Journaling for Essential Oil Enthusiasts

Journaling is a wonderful way to document your essential oils, recipes and important facts about your oils. Just like when ... Read More