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Tag Archives: Balm Mint Bush

Plant Therapy's balm mint bush essential oil
Essential Oil 101

4 Ways to Use Balm Mint Bush

Hailing straight from the land Down Under comes the wonderfully refreshing essential oil of Balm Mint Bush. This mint family ... Read More
Dresser Drawer No Sew Sachet DIY

Essentials Video: Dresser Drawer No Sew Sachet DIY

There's something so fulfilling about getting the laundry completely put away and cleaned. What's less than pleasant is pulling your ... Read More
Plant Therapy's Balm Mint Bush essential oil
Essential Oil 101

Benefits and Uses of Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil

Balm Mint Bush boasts a rich aroma, packed with mint, crisp eucalyptus notes. Aside from its refreshing scent, it is ... Read More
DIY Get Moving Diffuser Blend from Plant Therapy

Re-Start: Get Moving Diffuser Blend DIY

January is almost over. At this point, it's easy to get discouraged with your New Year's resolutions and give up altogether ... Read More
Sporty women giving high five to each other while working out together at gym.

Get More Exercise Using Essential Oils

Most of us could all benefit from adding a bit more exercise into our lives. But it can be so ... Read More
Plant Therapy's Balm Mint Bush essential oil
Essential Oil 101

January Oil Of The Month: Balm Mint Bush

Many people haven’t heard of Balm Mint Bush. It is yet another wonderful, refreshing essential oil from Australia. A member ... Read More