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a line of employees in masks, building sack lunches on a table
PT News

Planting Kindness 2020: What We’ve Done So Far

This last year has been a lot. Between pandemics, wildfires, and various uprisings and protests, people, communities, and businesses across ... Read More
build your own set of 3 essential oils
Essential Oil 101

Build Your Own Set: Your Plant Therapy Marketing Team’s Top 3 Oils

We decided to give our amazing customers a look into which oils are our personal top 3! There are oils ... Read More
Plant Therapy Earth Week Day 5: Community clean up
PT News

Earth Week Challenge Recap

Last week Plant Therapy tackled Earth Day as a company! We took a whole week and challenged ourselves to five ... Read More
Which Essential Oil Company is the Best?
Essential Oil 101

Which Essential Oil Company is the Best?

Some things have been bothering me for some time now. As I delve deeper into the essential oil industry, I ... Read More