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Tag Archives: Evoke

Time to Say Goodbye to Evoke Natural Scents
Self Care & Wellness

Time to Say Goodbye to Evoke Natural Scents

Over the past year, we've introduced nine Evoke natural scents. Each one created for their unique, complex aromas and ability ... Read More
carrier oil infusions
Essential Oil 101

Natural Fragrances and Flavors, and What They Mean for You

Plant Therapy has recently branched out into using some natural fragrances and flavors. And we're sure you've got questions about ... Read More
natural fragrance
Essential Oil 101

Oleoresins, CO2 Extracts, Essences and Isolates: Differences & Benefits

If you spend enough time shopping for essential oils, you've probably noticed that there are a few different words that ... Read More
girls night in spa night

Essential Oils, Fun DIYs & Your Wedding Day!

Now that you've started planning for your big day, it's time to bust out those essential oils! You'd be surprised ... Read More
carrier oils on a white background with rose petals and limes
Essential Oil 101

Isolates vs. Essences vs. Essential Oils: Everything You Need to Know

Essential oils, isolates, essences...what they are and what they all mean can be confusing (even for us). But we've got ... Read More
Evoke: Romance and scent
Essential Oil 101

Evoke: The Romance of Scent

Try and remember exactly what your favorite scent smells like.  It's actually pretty hard, isn't it? Yet when you're exposed ... Read More
Valentine's Day gift guide for the sweet people in your life
Self Care & Wellness

Valentine’s Day Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day may be one of the trickiest holidays to navigate when trying to find the perfect gift for the ... Read More
Pink rose petals spilling out of a still
Essential Oil 101

Isolates: What You Need to Know

If you’ve checked out the labels on our candles and bath bombs, you may have noticed something new and different ... Read More
Plant Therapy Evoke natural scents woman smelling evoke
Essential Oil 101

Evoke: The Emotion of Scent

How do you Evoke emotion with scent? Scent has no personal significance until it becomes connected to something else with ... Read More