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Quiet Cough Essential oil bottle next to a tin jar and beeswax pearls

Introducing KidSafe Quiet Cough

Between poor air quality, seasonal pollen influxes, the sniffles, and other respiratory concerns, kiddos can be coughing for a lot of reasons. As parents, it’s painful to see and hear our children suffering from coughs and discomfort. Quiet Cough was carefully crafted with just that in mind: helping our kiddos, and the whole family, stay happy and healthy. This blend has a sweet, citrus, and coniferous aroma that is comforting and soothing. Quiet Cough is made of Douglas Fir, Balm Mint Bush, Cypress, and Cardamom Essential Oils to encourage easier breathing while the soothing and uplifting scents of Spearmint, Bourbon ...
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