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Davana Cordial Body Butter

Essentials Video: Davana Cordial Body Butter

Craving for a luscious body butter DIY? Look no further! Davana Cordial Body Butter combines the highly moisturizing benefits of ... Read More
Rest and Recover Bath Bomb Blend Plant Therapy

Rest and Recover Bath Bomb Blend DIY

After a long, stressful day, sometimes there's nothing more relaxing than a nice, hot bath. Essential oils are the perfect ... Read More
essential oils for sleep
Essential Oil 101

Essential Oils for Sleep

A night of deep, quality sleep is a great way to set yourself up for success. Unfortunately, we don’t all ... Read More
Plant Therapy's Mandarin Essential Oil
Essential Oil 101

Benefits and Uses of Mandarin Essential Oil

You can’t help but smile when using citrus essential oils. Among the many options, Mandarin is a versatile essential oil ... Read More
Organic Mandarin--Uplifting Body Wash
Body & Skin Care, DIYs

Organic Mandarin–Uplifting Body Wash

Organic Mandarin smells just like Mandarin oranges. It's uplifting, soothes nervous tension, and eases sadness.  This DIY body wash has ... Read More