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Blue Tansy Essential Oil on wooden slate with pink background
Essential Oil 101

4 Ways to Use Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy Essential Oil is very blue. A kind of blue that’s hard to match anywhere else in nature—a deep, ... Read More
Essential Oil Glossary: Women's Health
Self Care & Wellness

Essential Oils and Joint Discomfort

Ongoing, persistent joint pain can cause daily discomfort. Everyday tasks can become frustrating and painful, severely reducing your ability to ... Read More
Plant Therapy Essentials: Rapid Muscle Relief

Plant Therapy Essentials: Rapid Muscle Relief

We all experience discomfort at one time or another. Pain in our muscles or joints can make everyday tasks suddenly ... Read More
Essential Oils for Headaches
Self Care & Wellness

5 Essential Oils for Headaches

Looking for essential oils for headaches? Headaches are famous for bringing us down whether a migraine, tension, cluster, sinus or ... Read More