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Which Essential Oils Should You be Buying as a Roll-On?
Essential Oil 101

Which Essential Oils Should You be Buying as a Roll-On?

Roll-ons are one of the easiest and simplest ways to enjoy your essential oils. You don't have to bother with ... Read More
Meet Our New 30 mL Roll-Ons
Essential Oil 101

Meet Our New 30 mL Roll-Ons

If you love essential oils, then there's a good chance you'll love roll-ons. They're a convenient and easy way to ... Read More
The Best Places to Apply Your Pre-Diluted Roll-Ons

The Best Places to Apply Your Pre-Diluted Roll-Ons

One of our favorite ways to get the most out of essential oils is with a pre-diluted roll-on! You can ... Read More
Create your own natural medicine cabinet essential oils plant therapy

How to Create Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

Calling all aspiring alchemists, DIY do-ers, Pinterest posters, and natural-living peeps! Did you know you can make your very own ... Read More
child with cream on her itchy arm
Body & Skin Care

The Best Products for Itchy Skin

When you have an itch, nothing else matters. That itch must be scratched. Immediately. Sure, you can try to will ... Read More
Lady walking through the airport with a suitcase

Traveling with Essential Oils: Everything You Need to Know

Spring Break is the perfect time of the year to bond with your family, recharge your spirit, and shake off ... Read More
Plant Therapy Essential Oil Pre-diluted Roll-ons
Essential Oil 101

All About Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-Ons

So you're looking at the Plant Therapy website, trying to decide what amazing essential oils to buy. But, you might ... Read More