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earth day
Self Care & Wellness

Celebrating Earth Day

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, but how did Earth Day start? Let's find out! In the decades leading ... Read More
Illustration of the earth with green accents for earth day
PT News

Earth Day with Plant Therapy

Spoiler alert: We love Earth Day! It’s the chance to celebrate and bring awareness to so many things that are ... Read More
Earth Week Day 5: Community Cleanup Day

Earth Week Day 5: Community Cleanup Day

Welcome to day 5 of our Earth Week #ptchange1thing challenge! Did you know that next year will mark the 50th ... Read More
Plant Therapy Earth Week Recycling tips and tricks

Earth Week Day 1: Eight Ways to Save Energy

It's Earth Day! At Plant Therapy we love our environment (kind of a lot) and we're committed to showing it ... Read More